Thursday, September 3, 2015

ARC REVIEW Ever After by Odessa Gillespie Black

Ever After is the first book in the Cursed Series by Odessa Gillespie Black. A curse that spans across time, a vengeful ghost and star crossed reincarnated souls
So I really don't know what to think about this book. It was a really interesting story. I really liked and empathized with Allie but Cole got on my nerves.
It was beautifully written and creepy in all the right spots. It gives you just enough hints throughout the book that you can piece together what's really happening. It draws it out to a "big" reveal at the end. *Sigh* the end was a little disappointing no real conclusion, it ended, it concluded but to me it didn't feel satisfactory. Thats all I'll say about the end I don't want to spoil it. Everything that happens either is a wonderful sexual tension or freaking you out in one manner or another. Looking up this book on Goodreads and Amazon there isn't a description (as of now).

The description on the inside of the book reads...

In order to fully inherit a millionaire's fortune, Allie Knowles must survive a month on her property—easier said than done when the enormous house is haunted by a violent ghost who claims to know Allie. But the true mystery lies with Cole Kinsley, the handsome groundskeeper. Cole and Allie have never met, though he's been driving her wild in her dreams for years. Yet now, every effort to get closer to him pushes him further away… 
 Cole has only ever loved one soul and that love has endured for centuries. Now that soul rests within Allie's body and it takes everything in his power not to confess the truth. For her presence has put them both in mortal danger. Racing against the clock, Allie will have to break the ghost's curse—or history will be doomed to repeat itself.

Allie is the heir to a complete stranger, she thinks it's all a big misunderstanding. The employees of the mansion she finds herself living in are distant not sure what her plans are they are scared for their future, all except Thomas, the head groundskeeper,who seems to be the only one to welcome her with open arms, he also seems like the only person who knows why she is there. It becomes quite obvious that their is something wrong with the house almost hours after being there Allie is injured, rescued by the rude and sexy Cole, nephew to Thomas. Cole confuses Allie with his hot and cold attitude and it upsets her because it is not stopping her from falling in love with him.

Between the strange happenings in the house and the horrifying dreams Allie has been having since moving in has lead Allie on the mission to find out the truth behind the it's mystery. Aided by two sisters,  psychic twins, who know the truth behind it all but promised the late mistress of the house only to reveal certain things at certain times. The twins believe Allie is the one who will finally break the curse. Cole is another mystery Allie is wanting to solve but the truth of his nature and the history of the house may be too much for one girl to handle.

Overall, I liked it, I loved the progression of the story. The twins got annoying every now and then. But the ending just left me unfulfilled.    

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