Saturday, September 26, 2015

ARC REVIEW Playing with Fire by Kate Meader

Playing with Fire book two in Kate Meader's Hot in Chicago series about the family at Engine no. 6. (Releases 9/29/15) I have been waiting for this one since the page where they were first introduced in Flirting with Fire. Alex and Eli were a powder keg ready to explode. Sexual tension that lasted through one book and a novella. This is a really good series and this book such a good read.

Alex has had share of tragedy and growing up in a family of mainly guys, then getting a job that is predominately guys she is strong physically but mentally it's wearing her out. She is tired of being alone and is actively looking for a steady relationship her only problem is that most of her dates don't get past the first date. Eli's past is no secret he even used it to his benefit in getting elected as Mayor. What everyone doesn't know is the truth about this father, it's a that he is trying to keep hidden. Only one other person knows, Sam Cochrane, and the Trump wannabe is basically blackmailing him so he can get past certain city restrictions.

They butted heads when they first meet, especially since Eli stuck his foot in his mouth when he said that women have no place working as a firefighters. It seemed like no matter how attracted they are to each other when ever they got near one another they would fight. But that all changed when Eli got stuck in a hotel fire and Alex was there to rescue him. Eli didn't make it easy and she risked her life even more when she took off her mask to give him air. They ended up saving each other. Eli finally admits to himself he has feelings for her and is scared to just ask her out. He uses this PR opportunity to date her and kinda blackmails her by saying Cochrane is threatening to sue her but he will stop it if she does the fake/not fake dates with him.

Alex begrudgingly accepts but the more time she spends with him the more she sees the real him and and likes him; and the more he becomes turned on by her sometimes inappropriate mouth. As much as Alex's brothers hate that she has gotten involved with Eli they admit she is a big girl and she can handle herself. Eli confides in Alex everything and it all falls apart. Eli knowing he screwed up is trying to prove to Alex just how much she means to him and that he is willing to risk everything for the truth.

Overall, this is a smoldering book of smexy, heartache, and romance. I can't wait for the next one.          

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