Saturday, October 24, 2015

ARC REVIEW His Work of Art by Shannyn Schroeder

Hot & Nerdy book four by Shannyn Schroeder does not feel like book four, I read it without reading the others so it's fine as a stand alone. This book is so adorable, I love it, it's light and what I consider fluff; it is short not so sweet (wink wink) but it's fun to read and it made me go ahhhhhhhhh. I would definitely go back and read others from this series. I really enjoyed reading about comic book geeks fall in love. I love reading comics but it's a recent development for me and like Reese I am a DC girl, but there are some points of Marvel that I prefer and the teasing flirting with their argument over DC vserus Marvel. When Adam brings up that there weren't enough people of color in comic books and then Reese started to name off some, there are also which she for got Marvel has one way more cooler than Black Panther and DC Green Lantern and Cyborg; like Blade and probably one of my favorites from Image, McFarlane's Spawn. I bring it up because it is the one major issue that comes between Adam and Reese.

Reese has the idea for an awesome female superhero, and as part of her final project for one of her college senior classes is to write, create and publish her comic. Reese asks Adam to illustrate, her story. Adam's dream job is to work for Marvel so when the cute comic book junkie Reese shoots him her idea he agrees for the sheer fact that it would look good on his resume. Adam is soon pulled into Reese's story and together they restructure the story and even add in Adam's hero he has been trying to create. Reese is able to create a backstory and make him the perfect mentor for her superhero. Thank to the help from Julie, the publisher and marketer and the crowd source campaign fund the comic kicks off even before the first book is released.
Reese has had a crush on Adam but her subtle flirting isn't working, so she thinks he is either oblivious or not interested. One night they are working together they kiss. it's everything Reese thought it would be and more. But Adam does the stupid boy thing and apologises. Reese has no idea where she stands with Adam so when she gets invited to his New Year's Eve party she borrows a dress from her sophisticated best friend. Adam isn't able to keep his eyes or his hands off of her but after one night together Adam says something stupid, again, and Reese suddenly feels self conscious and unsure. Adam then informs Reese they can't get into a relationship because she's white. Flabbergasted Reese doesn't know what to do to convince him otherwise. Adam grew up believing that his father left because he couldn't stand peoples racist remarks about his white mother and his black father's relationship and Adam swore he couldn't put someone he loved through that. Adam's mom, who is awesome I love that woman, informs Adam otherwise. Now Adam must grovel to Reese and show her he can get past his fear.

Overall, I really enjoyed everything about this book.    

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