Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ARC REVIEW Killer Curves by Naima Simone

Guarding Her Body book two, Killer Curves, is another exciting story from Naima Simone. Now honestly it wasn't as great as the first book but I loved Sloane; beautiful overweight, fear of failure and all, she is an easy character to relate to. Ciaran is a horn dog (mostly just for Sloane) but dedicated to his job and damn fine. The story and action/suspense were good, it kept me entertained well enough if not a little slow in parts (internal monologues can get tedious if redundant). The red herring was obvious and the actual perpetrator a little predictable, but all the events leading up to and the progression of the romance made a good story.

Sloane is the black sheep of the family; she, instead of being the socialite and trophy wife like her mother and sister, became a teacher. Sloane is overweight and as much as she tells herself that she accepts her weight no one else does, from backhanded compliments from her mother to the outright hateful things her ex-fiance would insult her. Finally getting a backbone and leaving him, Sloane still feels the sting of his words now almost a year later. Sloane is also unhappy in her job, her father pulled some strings and got her a job at a prestigious private high school full of entitled brats, who think they can buy their grades and threaten her job. Lately even weirder things have been happening, strange phone calls and emails. Things escalated and her tires were slashed, thought it wasn't until her house was broken into and she was attacked that she finally does something about it.

Ciaran Ross wasn't looking for love, in fact he didn't want anything to do with it he didn't feel worthy of it. But one look at the killer curves of Sloane and lust hits him square in the chest. When she comes to his security firm for protection Ciaran knows he should hand off the case to someone else because his personal feelings for Sloane but he can't relinquish that responsibility, he feels that only he can protect her. And protect her he does, he also proves to her that she is desireable and that sometimes risks are worth taking.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable read. Can't wait for more.

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