Thursday, March 3, 2016

ARC REVIEW Bite the Dust by Cynthia Eden

This is the first book of Cynthia Eden's new series Blood and Moonlight. This came out this last October and is one heck of an introduction to the urban fantasy/paranormal world. I loved Mary Jane she is a strong character but with the situation she found herself in she often felt lost and confused; she was being pulled every which way and she didn't know who she could trust. I can totally sympathize with that. Aidan Locke sexy, mysterious, alpha shifter in control of the entire New Orleans area, sexy. This was a really good introduction my only fault is that is is like so many other out there now; strong Female Alpha with mysterious past who is destined greatness or mass destruction and Alpha Male with great power and overprotective love/lust for Alpha Female and a menacing evil power out to reek havoc and rule the world!!! I do like how Ms Eden worked the events of the story, I enjoyed how things played out and it's not in first person that I like. I am looking forward to the other books.

It all started with a dead body. Newly promoted Detective Jane Harte has her first case a young woman's body was dumped on the streets with her throat slit. But something seems off about the whole thing and the sudden appearance of the sexy and mysterious club owner Aidan Locke has the hairs on the back of Jane's neck going woo woo. Next thing she knows the body is gone and no one but her remembers. Jane confronts Aidan, she is suspicious of Aidan she knows he is hiding something. Aidan should have know that Mary Jane was special but it only confirmed it when he realized she was immune to his mind control. Everything goes down hill from there, a vampire is loose in the city and biting people building up his own army, and for reasons unknown to Mary Jane the vampire has targeted her. Aidan is determined to keep her safe even from his own people. Jane is confused by everything that's going on she doesn't know who to trust and when a con artist with a unique ability shows up it complicates matters. The sexual attraction between Aidan and Mary Jane is just another complication, a pleasant one though.

Overall, this is bound to be another great series from Cynthia Eden.      

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