Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Study of Seduction by Sabrina Jeffries

Second in the Sinful Suitors series by Sabrina Jeffries, The Study of Seduction is a great fun read; another hit for Ms. Jeffries. I really enjoyed this it was such a witty read with amazing characters and humorous situations with a touch of suspense. I loved Edwin Barlow, I love heroes like him. Clarissa Lindsey is a headstrong woman who vowed never to get married.

Lady Clarissa Lindsey has been turning down suitors ever since her first season she never wanted to marry; she has her reasons. But her cousin is concerned for her safety a suitor who previously asked her her hand has been stalking her, obsessed with marring her to the point that Clarissa is scared. Clarissa's brother had to flee the country because of a duel and he recently sent a message he needed help. Not wanting to leave her alone her cousin asks his best friend Edwin to watch over her.

Edwin has been in love with Clarissa for years, not that he would admit it, or even recognize the emotion. He just knows that she isn't what he wants in a wife, the vivacious and strong willed Clarissa, as much as he cares for her, he thinks would be the wrong kind of wife for him. But when Clarissa's stalker corners her Edwin, before he can stop himself, claims that Clarissa is his fiancee. Clarissa and Edwin decide to play along with the secret engagement until her cousin return but the mad man after Clarissa doesn't play fair and reveals the fake engagement. Clarissa and Edwin are forced to truly become engaged.

Clarissa has secrets her reasons why she never wanted to marry and she is forced to tell Edwin. It turns out Edwin's family has secrets of their own and the mad man threatens to blackmail Edwin with it. Well Edwin is smarter than that, him and Clarissa elope. Through all this Clarissa and Edwin despite having known each other for years really come to understand each other and of course fall deeper in love with each other than they were before.

Overall, the whole story of Edwin and Clarissa was entertaining and very lovely. I can't wait for more.  

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