Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ARC REVIEW Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply by Terry Spear

In this Shifter universe Terry Spear has created this is book 19. For this particular series it is book 6. I have only read one other book in the series but I can tell you that it's alright. So far each book isn't really connected plot/subplot/story arc in any way except that the characters all live in the same area, some are related, most are all in the same pack and are all shifters. I have to say what I love most about this series is that the H/h don't really have sex until they are 100% committed to being mates. So most of the book is them getting to know one another and falling in love even though the wolf half of them has already decided that they are mates. There is one true mate that is a once in a life time thing but they can mate with anyone. Both Pepper and Eric have had mates in the past and neither of them really wanted to mate again, but Eric's wolf recognizes Pepper as his one true mate at first sight. Pepper needs a bit more convincing.

Eric is an alpha, strong enough to lead his own pack but content where he is and let his cousin rule this one, even if he likes to give him a hard time about it. Pepper is the alpha of her pack both her parents dead and only she was alpha enough to lead everyone. Pepper's mate was a beta, he was killed by a rogue alpha trying to take over Pepper's pack, Pepper killed him. Now she is hesitant to accept another mate because she fears that he will just try to take over. Eric knows she is capable of handling her own pack and lets her, his goal is to prove to her that he is the best bet for a co-leader.

They have bit of a problem though, Eric isn't the only one who wants Pepper. Waldron is the leader of a nomadic pack trying to find a place to settle, only they aren't so nice and Waldron is trying to force Pepper into matting with him. Waldron has an alternative motive Pepper's pack is on prime land perfect for growing marijuana. Waldron acts are impulsive, stupid, cruel and selfish. But can Eric and Pepper manage to beat him at his own game and find their HEA.

Overall, this was a great read. I loved the characters and the story of the book.

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