Saturday, June 25, 2016

ARC REVIEW Dead End Fix by T.E. Woods

Book 6 in T.E. Woods' Mort Grant/Justice series. It was a good read I don't think it's quite as good as the previous books. The two stories that usually run parallel throughout the book cross at some point and the unrelated stories are more connected then originally thought. This book, however, the two have nothing in common except for the moral of the story.  The two separate stories were good but not the suspenseful, edge of you seat, gripping story. Another issue was the lack of Lydia. I love her and her part of the story, I loved how it played out, was the best part too bad there wasn't more. Allie who really has shown off her psychotic entitlement issues before really shows them now. Mort is faced with the moralities of justice and not every bodies views of justice is the same especially when it comes to gang life.

When we last left Mort and Lydia they just found out that Allie had kidnapped one of her nieces. Mort asked Lydia track her down and find his granddaughter. Allie outright hates Lydia, she thinks Lydia stepped into her place in Mort's life. Allie is determined to get her family back and get rid of Lydia. Thankfully Lydia is freakin' brilliant and is three steps ahead of Allie the whole book.

Meanwhile on the streets of Seattle; a young boy is killed in a drive by shooting. Even though it is apparently gang related  and against the advise of the gang unit at the station Mort keeps digging trying to find out who murdered this young boy whose only fault was wearing his older brother's jacket. Another young man, who has been looking for a family connection seeks out the local gang, The 97, to join their family. The young man witnessed the boy get shot down and used the rival gang patch, the Picos, on the jacket as his way in with the 97s. Lying he tells the leader that he killed a Pico and earns his way in. The murder of the boy stirs the pot and the gang members start killing each other left and right. The truth can't hide forever and soon gang justice is swift.

Overall, it was a good read but I wish they were switched and Lydia and Allie were the predominate story, but I liked the conclusion.  

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