Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ARC REVIEW Dragon's Heat by Crystal L. Shaw

Dragon's Heat is part of Crystal L. Shaw's Shifters of Shadow Falls universe. It is the first of the Dragon story arc following the last three dragon shifters alive finding their mates. The underlining problems with the rebel vampires trying to overthrow The Assembly are not very prevalent in the story the man Protagonist is there and he does play an important part, but was looking forward to finding out more about it and whats going on. Instead I get a dragon shifter who says he's only playing at the Dom role so his brothers won't think he's too attached to the little mortal and not assume she's mate potential; but at every chance he gets even in the privacy of his room he is very very Dom. She calls red to stop the role playing during an argument but he still does it. Make up your mind.

The rebel vampires are trying to win over the remaining dragon shifters to there side. The Arrington Brothers couldn't care less about their politics what piqued their interest was the mention of possible mates that The Assembly is keeping in their possession. Drago is interested his biological clock is ticking and he wants to settle down and have little baby dragons of his own. He's all for raiding The Assembly until the vampires bring in another gift of slaves and one of them is a potential mate. Drago snags her up before his brothers notice and wants to claim her before they can. Kara has known nothing but cruelty her whole life and the attentions of the dragon shifter is a little more than she's prepared for. Deep down in her heart she knows she can trust him but from past experiences her brain is warning her to be cautious. She is willing to play along with his Dom/sub role playing if it will keep his brothers away from her she even likes it bit. Drago has kept his true intentions from her and when she finds out that betrayal of trust can ruin everything for them.

Overall, I look forward to see where this is going with the other brothers especially how it left off, but this one lacked something I think once all three are out it will make for a better story being able to read all three straight through.  

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