Saturday, July 30, 2016

ARC REVIEW MacLean's Passion by Sharon Cullen

The second book to Sharon Cullen's Highland Pride series is just as good as the first. Maggie really makes the book. I really liked this because one Maggie, two sexy scottish brooding loner.

When we last saw Colin he was leading the British away from his friends so they could escape, when we start the book Colin is in a cell waiting for the hangman's noose. Fortunately the unknown element in this Iain Campbell, no one really knows whose side he's on. When Eleanor and Brice ask for his help with Colin he agrees and arranges his escape. Colin would rather trust his adversary Campbell then face the end of the rope so when the opportunity arises he takes it but he's not alone he takes the young man who shared the cell with him.

Maggie was raised by her brothers, they raised her like one of them, she is strong and confident, stubborn and can hold her own against even the British. But when her brother starts making her feel bad about not being lady like and forcing her to marry a snobbish British sympathizer she runs off and fights alongside her fellow Scots at Culloden. Believed to be a young man she is rounded up and locked up with the others, she is smart enough to fade into the woodwork and avoid her captors. She eagerly joins Colin in his escape. When Colin finds out his cellmate is a woman he is honor bound to see her safely home. When he gets her home he isn't so eager to leave her to marry a man who doesn't deserve her or appreciate her as she is. He tries his damnedest but he can't keep his hands to himself or leave her.

Overall, this was quite the entertaining read.

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