Tuesday, August 23, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Right Kind of Trouble by Shiloh Walker

The McKay's book three by Shiloh Walker, The Right Kind of Trouble is the conclusion to the McKay's troubles. I hope I see more of the town McKay's Treasure in the future. I'm a fan of Shiloh Walker, I really enjoy her writing and I had been waiting on Moira and Gideon's story since the first book. First off I would not read this as a stand alone, it is easier to understand and follow if you have read The Trouble with Temptation and Headed for Trouble. It is a great big ball of mystery and devious means the whole shebang that started in the first book wraps up and I just have to say, I CALLED IT!!! Right off the back from the first book I said he did it, I love it when I'm right. But the reason behind it, which I was nowhere near close to guessing right was good, great motive.

Moira and Gideon have a history, it has said as much in the previous book but in this one it delves a little bit more in the the seriousness of their history and the fact that Moira was punishing herself for what she thinks she did wrong. Up until this book you always see Moira as the calm collected type, queen bee, in charge, ice queen but you see the vulnerable side of her in this one. With everything going on dealing with the trouble with the family and the fact that both Hannah and Neve are planning a double wedding and then someone attacked her; Moira is having a hard time keeping her composure add that to fact that Gideon has started dating one of the other deputies and she is close to breaking down. Gideon never stopped loving Moira it has never wavered, he has never given up but he's close to his breaking point now too. After so many years of being close but never being able to have and he can't move on with her so close it's not fair for the woman he started seeing because he never stops think about Moira. Moira's attack rattles some sense back into both of them they are finally able to talk about the past and straighten things out and move on hopefully with each other.

The motive for Moira's attack is someone is looking for the lost McKay treasure, only there isn't one. After her attack the IRS gets a tip that the family is hiding money from the government, bring trouble to the company, then it's discovered someone in the company has been embezzling and that's one more thing for Moira to worry about. Then Brannon's book store is set ablaze, then Moira's project that she put her heart and soul into the McKay Museum is torched as well. It almost seems like a never ending saga of "what the hell is going to happen next?" It is all revealed, but it's not over until the climactic ending.

Overall, this was a good series I loved the characters and the whole mystery arc in all three books. This book I love Gideon, Moira was a little hard to like at some points just because of her way of doing things and being stubborn. I swear I was almost screaming at her, "Just listen to Gideon Dammit!!" but other than that I loved it.           

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