Thursday, September 8, 2016

ARC REVIEW Beauty and the Geek by Sidney Bristol

OMG! So I am a complete sucker for geeky books and I have complete faith in Sidney Bristol in everything she writes, she hasn't let me down yet with her fabulous writing and lustable characters. I also love retellings of the Beauty and the Beast fairytale. Beauty and the Geek was a quick read for me mostly because I couldn't put it down. Tamara Roh is a woman after my own heart I would love to have her as a friend, not just to hang out and play videogames with (when I'm not reading I'm on the PS4) but hell she cool! That group of friends they are amazing and I can't wait for each of their stories. Steven Kipper is the beast of the story he's grew up being told he was hideous and a monster, people freak when they see him, he has almost gotten use to it. But something deep inside has him longing for an intimate connection with someone. That put him in a chatroom connecting with Tamara.

Right off the bat, Sidney starts kinky, wow. (wish my hubby was a robotics genius) Steven and Tamara start a virtual relationship doing everything but reveal who they are and anything about what they do. But being internet savvy Tamara finds out who he is and isn't scared off by his appearance. Steven has dubbed the woman he has fallen in love with as Pam and as much as he respects her privacy he really wants to start a real-life relationship, he thinks he knows who she is. But one Facebook message to the wrong woman spurs Tamara into an in-person meeting with Steven. The first met went as expected they were both a little hesitant and nervous but the sexual chemistry between the two soon overpowers any nervousness and they quickly change their online-only to a real-life relationship.

They each have their own problems, Tamara was fired from her last job because she wouldn't sleep with her co-star and in the past she shook up the gaming community by going to to cops after being raped at a con. Steven has had bad experiences with girlfriends in the past he's unsure if Tamara is going to be like them or if she is sincere about her actions.

Overall this book was great, I really enjoyed it. I love all the characters and it made me cry and laugh it really was a great story.

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