Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ARC REVIEW Her Rogue Alpha by Paige Tyler

Paige Tyler's Book Five in her X-Ops series. Another great book for the series, like the others it had action, adventure, love. In the other books we met Jayson and Layla well they finally have a book of their own. Layla loving Jayson for exactly who he is and Jayson wanting to be a better man a worthy man for Layla.

When we last saw them, Jayson had just been offered a job as Quartermaster for the DCO and as promised Layla has started to train for field work. Jayson is in more and more pain every day and much to Layla's dismay he has befriended Dr. Dick. Dick has offered Jayson the chance to cure his pain by taking a new and improved Hybrid formula.

Now the Hybrid formula if you are not familiar with the story, started when the crazy scientist tried to make their own shifters, what they got were crazed, wild, and uncontrollable, until they stole some of Ivy's DNA (Ivy is Layla's older sister) and managed to make them less feral and more easily manipulated. But we learned from Tanner that the hybrids could control their feral. Now Dr. Dick is telling Jayson that they managed to create a formula that will give him all the benefits of shifters without any of the added aggression or sharp teeth and claws. Layla freaks when Jayson tells her he's thinking about it and they get in an argument. Layla gets a call that send her on her first mission and she has to leave Jayson. Dr. Dick also promised Jayson he could be Layla's partner so with that promise Jayson agrees. It it wasn't for the quick thinking of Dr. Zarina Jayson would be dead. Zarina is brilliant but unfortunately Dr. Dick has already sent him out on his first mission with a complete douche. When Layla gets back from her mission she quickly goes after him. Layla and Jayson are stuck in a war ridden Ukraine trying to rescue a diplomat's son and his girlfriend. Layla and Jayson finally have the heart to heart they needed to have all along and get their feelings out there.

Meanwhile stateside, Ivy and Landon are still trying to figure out what's going on with Thorn. Also the introduction to a new shifter a cat burgler, Dreya, who stole some very vital information right out from Thorn's personal safe. Thorn has his men killing any known thief that could have pulled this off which lands Dreya right at the feet of Ivy and Landon. Dreya's book is next and I am really looking forward to it.

Overall this was another winner for the X-Ops series. Love Jayson and Layla.

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