Saturday, September 17, 2016

ARC REVIEW Twilight Dreams by Amanda Ashley

Twilight Dreams is book two of the Twilight series, for me it's okay to read without reading the first one first. I really didn't care for it. The characters were just okay I really didn't feel a connection with them; the story was okay but it seemed a little never ending half way through I'm just rolling my eyes thinking this isn't over yet. There was too much build up for how bad it's going to be and then it's over in a couple of paragraphs. It was anticlimactic and the romance between them was ehhh. When it comes to vampires I don't really care for the "I'm died and came back to life a vampire I love you let's have sex" kind of vampires it's a little too close to necrophilia for me; unless the vampire is evil like the traditional Dracula, or Nosferatu, then them being dead is okay I prefer them that way. I found Holly kind of annoying she was too wishy washy back and forth. Micah I kind of liked I liked his big family more they were the best part of the story.

Micah lost the "love" of his life, she didn't love him enough to change into a vampire for him and died peacefully in her sleep of old age. Micah vowed never to fall in love again unless she was already a vampire. So of course a year later he meets Holly. Holly mistakes him for her client and is so swept away with his good looks and charm she quickly falls for him. But as much as Micah tries he can't stay away from her. Unfortunately Micah is in the wrong place at the wrong time and a vampire who has a vendetta against Rylan, Micah's mentor and good friend, finds out Micah's connection to Rylan. Micha knows he's in danger know and fearing for Holly's life Micah kidnaps her and takes her to the ghost town that Rylan turned into a haven for vampires. Rylan uses his special vampire magic to put up a protection ward around the town. Way too much time was used up trying to convince Holly they weren't evil and bloodthirsty and Holly spent way too much time changing her mind back and forth automatically thinking the worst about them before hearing the whole story.

Overall, the story just went on and on and was kind of redundant. Micah's huge friendly family was the best part of the story.      

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