Tuesday, October 25, 2016

ARC REVIEW Roadside Assistance by Marie Harte

Body Shop Bad Boys book two by Marie Harte. It was funny and cute, I liked it. Foley was a sweetheart if not a little clueless at times and Cyn has her issues but I can emphasize with that. This book has just a little conflict, between Cyn and her insecurities and Sam, the best friend and brother by bond, and his insecurities it was an easy read and you can always count on Marie Harte for a HOT read and this is a hot read.

Foley fell in lust the first time Cyn came over to Murphy's and busted his balls. Seems like the new guy parked the cars in the wrong lot and Cyn the co-owner of the coffee shop next door didn't like her park lot filled with cars that weren't her customers. Foley moved the cars and asked for a date, but Cyn being the ball buster she is turned him down at first. Foley isn't one to give up easily especailly with a knockout like Cyn. She finally gives in but her insecurities thanks to past boyfriends and her own mother have her not believing that a guy like Foley would like a big girl like her. Foley works  hard to try and prove his feeling are genuine and that he likes her exactly the way she is. But it doesn't help that Sam is feeling left out and sabotaging the relationship or the fact that Cyn's mom is continually telling her that she is to fat and she's never be able to keep a man if she's not thin and that she will end up sad and alone and her only way to happiness is to find a husband and make him happy. Cyn is confused and between her own mother and Sam she's at a loss of what to do. Thankfully Foley's mom is awesome.

Overall this was a good book and as much of a screw up that Sam is in this book I'm glad his story is next.

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