Saturday, October 15, 2016

ARC REVIEW Wolf Betrayed by Carrie Ann Ryan

Talon Pack book four and the first menage for this series I believe. These three are stunning! Charlotte, Bram and Shane they deserve each other they need each other. Bram is the strength, Charlotte is the heart and Shane is the glue that sticks them all together. Charlotte believes the Goddess is punishing her for being who she is the daughter of the wolf who nearly destroyed the Redwood Pack. Bram has loved Charlotte for as long as he could remember but the mating bond didn't snap into place like they had hoped, leaving both of them heart broken. Bram will not settle for anyone other than Charlotte. Shane was just a soldier he was doing what he was told until it became clear to him that the man in charge was doing something very wrong and he tried to help but that just ended with him being used as a guinea pig.  

Half dead and smelling like a wolf Gideon did the only thing he could to keep Shane from dying he brought him into the pack. Finn had a feeling that he needed to bring Charlotte with him to the Talon pack. When Charlotte gets there she is shocked to find that the soldier who once worked with General Montag is a potential mate. Bram goes to the Talon pack and just like with Charlotte, Bram is a potential mate with Shane. It's touch and go there for a bit while they all figure things out and with General Montag still on the lose things are still a bit uncertain. With Shane's help the Talon and Redwood packs destroy the facility where Shane was taken and changed into whatever it is that he was changed into and along with it the drug that made him this way. Nothing of the drug remains except what still might be in Shane's blood and that's what Montag wants now. After a rough start Charlotte, Bram, and Shane finally come to terms with what's happening and accept the possibility of happiness between the three of them. Montag however does not give up easily.

Overall, another great story and climactic...big battle. Charlotte and her men, woooo, it's getting hot in here.    

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