Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ARC REVIEW Ink Exposed by Carrie Ann Ryan

*sigh* I knew I was going to love Alex. I was worried about it being so soon after he got out of rehab (a year) and him starting a relationship. Well so was Alex, he admitted he didn't think he was ready but when someone attacks Tabby there is no holding back. Tabby has always loved Alex she watched his marriage fall apart and then fall into a bottle and struggle to get out again and Tabby loves him even more than before. There is not a whole lot of angst between the two just mainly Alex trying to figure his life. He feels guilt for missing so much of his family's life and the issues he had with his wife are still burrowing under his skin. He knows he screwed up and he doesn't feel like he deserves a woman like Tabby but she proves him wrong.

Tabby and Alex are such a great couple. It is a nice erotic heart warming story about redemption and learning to accept love again. Once again Carrie Ann Ryan has managed to make me fall in love with another Montgomery.  

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