Thursday, December 22, 2016

ARC REVIEW The Gamer and the Geek by Sidney Bristol

It's no secret that I love this author. She is diverse and not just because she writes multiracial romance but she is diverse in her writing style from romantic suspense to rom com geeky romance to BDSM erotica but she also varied in those. It's not just the stereotypical geek but all types of geeks. Like this book you can assume by the title (just the title not the blurb) that gamer means video gamer, but you would be wrong in this case Sidney Bristol delves into what she knows and is passionate about herself board games. I know nothing about board games, I kind of suck at them, so this was informative to read about all the boardgame intricacies and the two main styles of them and all the details Sidney went into about the boardgame world; just enough to be interesting but not too much detail that it overwhelms the book. Rashae and Declan are combustible from the sexual tension to their dialogue they are really close to being my favorite couple of the Gone Geek series.

Rashae is finally getting the chance to branch out into the board game world and show off her art in that field. The only roadblock is that the creators know nothing about about the industry and are nitpicking everything the only one who seems to be on her side is the sexy Irish campaign manager Declan. Rashae and Declan are hesitant to start a relationship because they are working with each other but after spending time together and really getting to know each other they both realize they are falling for each other. Rashae is about ready to put her heart on the line when everything they have been working for with the to board game developers blows up and it is going to take quite a bit for Declan to prove to Rashae that he had nothing to do with it.

Overall, this was another great book from Sidney Bristol.    

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