Tuesday, January 17, 2017

ARC REVIEW Hunt the Dawn by Abbie Roads

So fantastic, Abbie Roads has nailed the dark, disturbing, and sexy. What's nice is that you don't have to read the first book of the series, Race the Darkness, in order to read this one; it helps but it's not required. This book was everything I hoped for and more when I thought about Lathan story. Evanee I really love her, she did what she had to do to survive and even when at her lowest it didn't stop her.

Lathan is unbelievable with his overactive olfactory being able to see memories and feelings from a person's smell. He works with the FBI as a special consultant he helps track down killers and he's one the path of one who is constantly changing his MO but the nose knows and Lathan knows all these victims were killed by the same person. Lathan because of his talent doesn't get close to people for the exception of one, his childhood friend and FBI contact. Evanee is working at a truck stop diner surviving on tips trying to avoid the pervert who has been harassing her. Evanee's car stops working she pulls off into a rest stop and who should show up but her step brother the pervert. Lathan happen to be riding by and he smelled Evanee's fear he pulls over to help. Everything about about Evanee calls to Lathan, he instinctually trusts her and knows he must protect her at all costs. Evanee is in shock by the time the stranger rescues her she allows him to take her to his home until she feels better. Evanee, like Lathan, trusts him she knows that she should know better but it's an instinctual need to be with him. Lathan can drop his guard around her and not get bombarded with scent memories. Evanee, on the other hand, her dreams start getting worse, she's connecting with the murdered victims in Lathan's case and leads to evidence. The serial killer figures out who but not how, but at all costs he must stop Lathan from exposing him so he focus on the person closest to Lathan; Evanee.

Overall, this truly exceeded my expectations for the book.  


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