Thursday, February 2, 2017

ARC REVIEW Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy

Ooooo Book two in Alexandra Ivy's new ARES Security series. Really good suspense and a wonderful romance, I'm a sucker for second chance romance. Mia was just the gardener's daughter but to Lucas she was so much more. She's the one who got away and Lucas never stopped loving her or looking out for her. Lucas never thought he was worthy enough for her and knew she would never forgive him after the way he left and he thought she had every right to hate him. Mia tried to forget Lucas, she made herself believe she was over him, but as much as she wanted to rush back into his arms when he showed up out of the blue her heart still hurt so much from when he left. She doesn't want to open herself up for that kind pain again.

The men of ARES Security are still trying to find out who is sending threats and stalking Hauk but then Lucas gets waylaid by the murder of an old school friend, Tony, who came all the way to Houston from Shreveport to see Lucas. In the dead man's front pocket was a picture of Mia, Lucas' high school girlfriend, on the back of the picture were the words "Kill her or else". Local PD be damned Lucas rushes off to Shreveport to protect Mia whether she likes it or not and get to the bottom of why someone would want her dead. Mia and Tony were best friends, she always had his back and until recently he worked part time for her landscaping company but after getting busted for drugs she had to let him go. Mia took over her father's landscaping business and turned it into a thriving and successful business; Mia was well on her way of achieving her dreams.

Tony's death sends everything into a spiral, Lucas comes back to a place he said he would never return to but Mia's life is in danger and he will stop at nothing to protect her and find out what is really going on. Mia swears she's over Lucas and tries to keep him at a distance but at every step he's there and this time he's not leaving when it's all over. The truth about the past and why he left finally comes out and Mia is astounded. Lucas stirs up a hornet's nest and with the help of ARES Security they find out the truth about the many secrets Tony was keeping. Lucas and Mia fall deeper in love with the people they have grown up to be.

Overall, the conclusion is outstanding and it was a great story. I really liked Lucas. I look forward to Teagan and Hauk's story.  

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