Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ARC REVIEW Between a Wolf and a Hard Place by Terry Spear

YAY more of the McTire sisters! Book #21 of the Heart of the Wolf series and book #7 of the Silver Town Wolf series. Terry Spear's writes a great ghost story. I am really enjoying this series, one thing I really like is the fact the characters don't have sex until they are ready to cement their relationship and call each other mates.

Ellie out of all her sisters has the stronger connection to ghosts, she can occasionally see them and communicate with them rather then just get a feeling. Ellie and Brett have been seeing each other and care for each other to the point Brett is thinking about mating but Ellie hasn't told Brett her secret yet and with how her last boyfriend acted she is scared to tell him. Brett donated his family's piano to Ellie and her sisters for their B&B but the piano stool and music isn't the only thing that comes with the piano, Brett's Grandmother's ghost tags along too. It's been over a year since the sisters moved to Silver Town and almost that long since Brett and Ellie have been dating and with the appearance of the new ghost Ellie knows it's time to tell Brett the truth.

Uncovering the reason Brett's Grandmother hasn't passed on to the other side may be more trouble than expected especially since she is being stubborn and not wanting to communicate and making the other house ghost crazy. Brett doesn't initially believe the extent of Ellie's abilities he humours her for the most part until he witness' it himself. Something Ellie said about Brett's grandmother rings suspicious with him, he starts to look into her death and he finds out things he never knew. The McTire sisters and their cousins are still on rocky ground and Brett doesn't help matters by asking them a questions about exorcising a ghost which doesn't help his relationship with Ellie.

Overall, like always this is a well written and very exciting story. The characters are all very likable and very easy to empathize with. My only problem is how Brett acted after he found out about Ellie's ability he started to act like the sister didn't have any idea what they were doing (like they haven't been doing this their whole life *insert sarcasm here*) and while the sisters thought it was cute and it showed that he was at least trying to learn more it would have just been a whole lot easier and less condescending to just ask her. Otherwise it was a very entertaining story and I look forward to more.  

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