Thursday, April 13, 2017

ARC REVIEW Holding Fire by April Hunt

April Hunt's series Alpha Security book two Holding Fire starts out with a bang in bed and out of it. Elle was running away from her problems a narcissistic, controlling, and manipulative father and her no good cheating ex-fiance. Elle joined an organization that helps build medical facilities after natural disasters. Elle and her best friend were sent to Thailand after they had finished their jobs and before they went home they detoured a bit and ended up in a bar and Elle ended up spending the night with a hunkalicious American. The next morning however things got weird. Trey Hanson was sent to Thailand for a job but before he got his orders on who he had to protect he met an attractive blonde and had one wild night of the best sex of his life. The next morning after a "random attack" she sprinted and Trey finds out she is the one he is suppose to be protecting.

Holding Fire was a good entertaining read not as good as the first one but still good. Elle is one of those characters that makes you want to slap up side the head. She just escaped her father's machinations and is finally free and independant and she won't let anything get in her way to maintain it even Trey who is trying to save her life. Trey's fascination and insta-lust turns to love as he gets to know Elle. Elle, even though she has been trying to convince herself otherwise, falls in love with Trey but she is so determined to be independent and Trey just wants her to be happy, Elle just may ruin everything.

Elle's father is a senator and a threat has been made on her life, Alpha Security has been hired to protect her, but there's a leak somewhere and Elle life keeps getting put in danger. This aspect was a little predictable but it has a nice twist on it that kept it from being to predictable. Overall, it was a good read I enjoyed it and I am very much looking forward to Charlie's story, I love her.

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