Thursday, May 4, 2017

ARC REVIEW Forever Mine by Erin Nicholas

Forever Mine is book two in Erin Nicholas' Opposites Attract series. I enjoyed this much more than the first book. Maya is a real life super hero, a former police officer who got injured in the line of duty and had to quit due to her injury. But still she has no issue putting herself at risk to help someone who needs it, and she wants to make sure people can save themselves, she runs a martial arts and self defense studio where she teaches kids to stand up for themselves and what they believe is right and that they can be their own superhero. Alex is a doctor with a rare blood disorder who grew up and became an expert in that field. A several months ago he discovered he had a daughter who inherited his blood disorder from him. Alex tries to relate to his daughter the only way he can think of and that is through her favorite superhero movie series. Alex discovers Maya's superhero class the plan, because it is to dangerous for his daughter to do it herself, was for Alex to join and then teaches his daughter what he learned in a controlled environment. Alex and Maya have instant chemistry and because of that Maya works with Alex just so she can spend time with him. Even though he feels guilty for not spending time with his daughter Alex looks forward to spending his time with Maya.

The conflict that both Alex and Maya face is just as much internal as it is between them. Alex growing up was constantly overprotected by his mother, he hated that but now with a daughter of his own he is trying to do things differently, but he is still very sensitive about the subject of his own disorder. For a doctor who does conferences and speeches he is horrible when it comes to communication. Maya doesn't know when to give up she is constantly pushing herself to prove that she can still do things even with her physical limitations. Maya falls head over heals for Alex but he's not very communicative, and it makes it seem to Maya that what she is feeling is one sided. Alex needs to face his inner demons before he can fully open up to not only Maya but his daughter as well.

Overall, a very emotional and heartfelt book, you can tell the author feels deeply about the topic. The characters are very well written, I pretty much wanted to slap Alex upside the head there for a bit that's a good thing in this case.    

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