Thursday, June 8, 2017

ARC REVIEW Alpha Prince by Sidney Bristol

Alpha Prince is the first book in Sidney Bristol's newest series Twisted Royals that came out in February. This is a brilliant twist on Snow White, which I am grateful for I don't see very many of those. I love Ian Kelly every time he spoke I hear a Liam Neeson like voice speaking in my head. Ian is everything Taylor needed but in no way ever expected to find, his Irish, in law enforcement, and every bit the Prince the media painted him; but Taylor doesn't want to be the damsel in distress. Taylor learned the hard way she only had herself to rely on.

Ian couldn't stop thinking about the one who got away, it really was just supposed to be a one night stand but after she just left and it bugged him that she left and he hadn't been able to find her. After all the hype with the media and the dancing princes hubbub Ian was supposed to be laying low, it was just going to be a simple security consult however the suspicious character that hired him as received extortion threats and he wants Ian to stay on for two weeks to figure it out. Ian should say no, Zain will kill him if he doesn't, but.... Taylor is there. Taylor is the one who spirited out after an intense and passionate night together. Ian knows she's hiding something and he wants to help he took the job on pretense to help Taylor. Taylor is on the run from her stepmother, and the mob family she did everything in her power to avoid. Taylor's stepmother is very ambitious and perceives that Taylor is in her way and wants her dead. Taylor wants to go on the run again handle this herself, Ian wants it over he wants to help and after two attempts on her life she is finally ready to accept his help, very reluctantly.

Overall, the Snow White aspects just added to the charm of the book. Seven miniature french bulldog puppies, the evil stepmother, the huntsman, and the apple just perfect. It is an action packed, exciting, and as always super erotic. So hot!

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