Saturday, July 22, 2017

ARC REVIEW The Adorkable Girl and the Geek by Sidney Bristol

The Adorkable Girl and the Geek is the fifth instalment in Sidney Bristol's Gone Geek series. I loved this it was a quick read, very geeky and a little bit kinky. Nate and Cara have been friends since grade school and have been in love just as long but neither of them wanted to jeopardize their friendship by admitting to the other how they felt so they went years secretly pining for each other and never knowing they felt the same for each other.

Cara needs a break from her life, she hates her job, her coworkers, and her mother's attitude has gotten worse ever since Cara had to move back home, lucky she saved enough to go visit her best friend in California for the weekend. Nate's first dream of becoming a NAVY SEAL ended in a damaged knee but his fall back was to work behind the scenes in Hollywood now he works freelance post production one of his jobs is for the YouTube hit show HitPoint in which his high school friends Josh and Brian work on also. (If you read Beauty and the Geek you'll remember meeting these guys already and Tamara and Stephen make an appearance.)

The first night back Nate can tell something is wrong with Cara and with a little bit of libation the truth comes out about how miserable her life is right now and Cara kisses Nate with that everything comes out. Nate kisses her back and they finally tell each other how they feel and start making up for lost time. Things don't continue as easily, Brian has an issue with Nate and starts acting like an ass. The main issue is that Nate likes to tie up his partner during sex and Brian makes assumptions and then there's Ellie. Nate and Ellie had an agreement it was just sex to satisfy a need but several months before Cara shows up Nate ended broke of that arrangement. Only now Brian is all butt hurt because he has a thing for Ellie and didn't know about them until now and is taking it out on Nate and Cara.

Cara's own past issues factor in big, her father practically ruined her life and when she found out that Nate was omitting facts she felt betrayed and hurt and didn't think she could build a relationship with him after that. Cara has to confront her own baggage before she can move on and Nate just hopes she can move on with him.

Overall, it was a really good read, I love Nate. I love all the geekiness of this series and how each one is different. Sidney knows geek and her knowledge reflects in the characters and I love the subtle kink in this one.  

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