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ARC REVIEW Wicked Kiss and Wicked Bite by Rebecca Zanetti

Wicked Kiss is the fourth book of Rebecca Zanetti's Realm Enforcers series, spin off of her Dark Protectors series and is all about the last Dunne Brother finally finding his HEA. I really didn't like Adam, he was way too high handed and just annoyed me most of the time. Granted he was trying to keep Tori safe, the way he did it just did not agree with me. Tori I loved, normally when the heroine does stupid things and goes off on her own despite the danger that is out to get her it just pisses me off in Tori's case I don't blame her for it. They fight the sexual chemistry so hard and it just made it so aggravatingly funny. Tori tries to bluff Adam on certain things, sexual preferences, and he just turns it around on her making her feel like he can teach her a thing or two. The story was fast paced and just wow, so much happens it's hard to believe it just over 280 pages. I would recommend reading the previous books just because both Tori and Adam are introduced early on and there is a bit of a story arc going on and some of the things will just make more sense.

Opposites attract when it comes to the straight-laced Enforcer Adam Dunne and rock-chick song writer Victoria Monzelle. Ever since Tori found out about witches and vampires because her sister fell in love with a witch she has been kidnapped twice, saved this last time by Adam Dunne who going against orders from his superiors rescues Tori. Unfortunately they end up getting caught anyways and standing in front of the Council of Nine Adam vows to mate Tori to save her from execution. Keeping Tori save is only one thing that Adam is trying to do, he's also trying to find out who is the traitor on the council, with his brothers wanted for being traitors and his cousin framed for being the one behind the deadly drug, Apollo, which can kill a witch, Adam and his family are working with Dage and the others to prove who is really behind it all. Tori understands the importance of what Adam is doing but she's also trying to save her sister from ruining her life and saving her career. Tori is being blackmailed by an obsessed DEA who says she has to find proof where the Apollo coming from or else she will arrest Lexie as a crooked cop.

The only saving point for Adam is that he doesn't want to force Tori into mating, and all his threats to spank Tori it really isn't a punishment to her she starts to provoke him just because she can and it turns her on. Adam and Tori spend most of the time trying to convince themselves that they wouldn't be good together, it takes something pretty big to change that.

Overall, it was a good read, I enjoy Rebecca Zanetti's writing style.

Wicked Bite is book five in the Realm Enforcers series. Mmmm Bear. I've been waiting for Bear's story. This one ties with Wicked Edge as my favorite in the series. Bear is... well a bear shifter and ever since the events of  Wicked Burn Bear has been sick. Bear also has dragon shifter in his DNA and when he shifted into a dragon it screwed with him on a molecular level and no matter how long he stays in his bear form he's not getting better. Nessa is unique for a witch unlike others she has no fire her power is healing, only through mating could Nessa ever hope to gain the ability to form her own fire. Nessa figures that with Bear's dragon shifter genes if she mates with him and the sharing of powers through the mating bond will give her the fire she's always wanted. She just has to convince Bear that she can heal him and in return they mate.

That's not the only reason Nessa wants to mate so quickly another witch who is a powerful healer wants her as his and Nessa will  not have it. Not even when he kidnaps the uncle who raised her after her parents died. Bear has no idea what he has gotten himself into. He knows Nessa has secrets but when he finds out what they are it's a can of worms that can not be contained.

After the events of Wicked Kiss the drug Apollo in Seattle dropped but in recent months the drug has made a reappearance and worse than before. Bear is determined to get to the bottom of it, he has no love for witches for the exception of his sister and now Nessa, but this drug has killed way too many humans and witches alike and Seattle is his home. In combination with the Enforcers, the Demon Nation, and the Realm everyone works together to stop the evil behind the drug.

What was just suppose to be a bond in name only as a benefit for both Bear and Nessa became a bond so strong not even a bullet to the head will stop them from being together. What I love is that they both understand what's going on and as overprotective as Bear is he knows Nessa is strong enough to take care of herself and Nessa understand Bear's need to be overprotective and when it counts she gives into his wishes to protect her.

Overall, I loved this I love this so hard. I loved how it brought so many of the previous characters in on this one from this series and the Dark Protectors series. It was a very exciting book with a nice twist at the end. mmmmm Bear.  

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