Tuesday, August 29, 2017

ARC REVIEW Hard Justice by April Hunt

Mmmmmm finally Charlie and Vince's story! Book three in the Alpha Security series, Hard Justice, gives us an exciting and banter filled story. In this one we find out all about Charlie and her secretive past and how she became of of the first Alpha operatives. You can tell from the first time Vince and Charlie butted heads and pissed each other off that they were meant for each other; the sexual chemistry is combustible. Neither of them want to admit to the other that the attraction is there in fact they don't even want to admit it to themselves.

Charlie Sparks was born Charlotte Hughes, but she ran from that life as fast as she could and started over. Now her past has come back and forced Charlie's secrets out. The DHS has an inside man in the Franconi crime family they have lost contact with and several young women have disappeared from Franconi's nightclubs. They want Charlie to go in and find the evidence to pin it on Franconi and find out if their operative has been compromised. Charlie's the logical choice because she's family. Charlie has her reasons for never wanting to set foot in Miami again but the missing woman hits to close to home and as much as she hates it she agrees.

Vince Franklin is the only member of Alpha Security available to assist Charlie in this case, and it has him worried just who is Charlie and what happened all those years ago and is it safe for her to come back? To Vince his only job is to act the part of Charlie's fiancee and to watch her back but he oversteps the boundaries when he digs into her past before she's ready to tell him. The sexual chemistry finally breaks when they play the part of an engaged couple and the more Vince finds out about Charlie the more he comes to care for her and Vince finally earns Charlie's trust. Only together can they get to the bottom of the troubles brewing in Miami.    

Overall, April Hunt weaves a great story that had me second guessing myself throughout the whole book.    

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