Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ARC REVIEW Wrecked by JB Salsbury

Wrecked is a dark and emotional standalone story. It deals with a soldier who suffers from PTSD and a young woman who is scared to live her life. It a first person POV that switches between Sawyer and Aden. I loved this one, it was emotional, heartwarming, and tearjerking with an ending that just about breaks your heart. (Yes there is a HEA). I don't read first person very often, (mainly just for urban fantasy) but when I find an author who writes first person well I will stick with them and JB switching from Sawyer to Aden satisfies my need to be an omniscient reader.

Sawyer thought it was unfair that the vibrant sister with no fear and a wanderlust was the one dying. Sawyer and Celia are identical twins but other than that they are nothing alike. Sawyer has a fear of life of doing anything and it stems from a when she was a kids but now that Celia is dying Sawyer promised to do one thing for her. But fulfilling her dying sister's last wish is going to be more difficult than she anticipated.

Aden loved the Army but after a mission went wrong and Aden lost so many men that trusted him to make the right choice he left the Army and now lives in sunny Southern California managing his uncles rental properties and fishing all day. Aden learned early on that being around people wasn't good and was content to just fish all day until one of his uncle's favorite tenet came back after a couple months away. Celia is a walking contradiction from the stories he has heard from his uncle and all the pictures on the walls of her house he expected someone different, the Celia he meet seems to be the opposite, she's shy and reserved almost skittish. But she surprises him at every turn. She is absolutely beautiful and Aden can't stop thinking about her.

Sawyer thought it would be easy filling in for her sister while she packs up her stuff, pretending to be Celia it was something they had fun with as children now Sawyer just thinks it is cruel not to tell her sister's friends that Celia is dying and won't be coming back. Aden almost makes the pretending easy, he challenges her and stirs emotions in her she has never felt before she just hates that he has feelings for Celia and not her. Sawyer's heart is breaking because she can never tell Aden the truth. Aden's PTSD isn't an easy thing to overcome, and he thinks that he can never be with Celia because of it.

Overall, I laughed, I cried, I fell in love with Aden and Sawyer. It's a wonderfully written romance and if you are prone to crying during books have tissues on hand.        

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