Tuesday, August 1, 2017

AREC REVIEW SEAL Wolf Undercover by Terry Spear

Book 22!! Don't let that intimidate you, so far the ones I have read can be read as standalone, this is my fourth book of the Heart of a Wolf series and each one is a great story with no overlapping story arc. This is also book five in the SEAL Wolf series. This one starts and it just kind of throws you into it after the prologue, which introduces you into some of the main characters. The pace of the story is good with some slow parts in between action packed ones, and a nice romance. I wish I had started reading Terry Spear sooner.

 Vaughn Greystroke is a former NAVY SEAL turned PI, as a private investigator he has become accustomed to working alone. Jillian Matthews is former Army Intelligence turned PI, but she has recently been asked to assist a group of Jaguar shifters and their group United Shifter Force. Jillian has a personal stake in the matter it was her brother who was shot at, she was suppose to meet up with him when he was a no show she went to another wolf shifter's house to see if he was there what she found was the shifter with his throat almost ripped out. Vaughn was on his way to talk to the alpha of the area about a possible team up when he decided to swing by and visit his pack mate and friend what he found was a wolf with a bloody muzzle, he took off after the wolf  only to be shot at by someone else. When Vaughn makes it back to his cabin he finds three jaguar shifters and one wolf shifter, the wolf shifter Jillian admits that she is the one who shot him because he was chasing her brother. Then Vaughn promptly passes out and has to be taken to the shifter clinic.

Vaughn agrees to team up with Jillian and the USF team to find out what happened to his friend. All the while looking up leads and trying to track down Jillian's brother Vaughn and Jillian grow closer the chemistry between them is palpable, I mean it gets pretty amusing their banter and kind of shy feelings toward each other. Vaughn embarrassingly buys Jillian a coloring book and color pencils when she gets injured to keep her occupied while recovering. They are very sweet and I really do love, in this series, that they don't have sex until they are ready to mate and that it is part of the bonding process.

Overall, this was another great one by Terry Spears.      

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