Saturday, November 1, 2014

REVIEW Out of Control by Alexandra Ivy

Out of Control is a prequel in The Sentinels series. It first come out in the anthology Predatory last year. The only thing I don't like is that I have to wait until next year for the next book in the series (January so it's not that bad). It is a novella and can be read in one sitting, depending on how long you get to sit as a mom I don't always get the privilege to do so. Out of Control if a tantalizing glimpse in to the worlds of Sentinels, it's a nice tease.

Angela Locke is a PhD. student with a massive crush on her supervisor. Angela has always felt out of place she always just thought it was because she was work orientated, she doesn't know how wrong she is. Dr. Nikolo Bartrev is undercover at the college, he is there to keep an eye on Angela. A rogue sentinel has heard of the things Angela has done with her research and is determined that only Angela can fix her. The psychopath has left a false trail of dead bodies in another state while she stocks Angela. Niko knows how the rogue's mind works and knows she will show up around Angela at any moment. Niko is one of the best Sentinels and has never let his feeling get in the way before, until now. The attraction between Niko and Angela is messing with Niko's objectivity and is forced to call for back-up before it's to late.

Alexandra Ivy does paranormal right. The Sentinels are very X-menish. A portion of the population has advanced genetics as known as high-borns. They all have volunteered to live in a complex away from "norms". Not everyone of the high-borns was lucky and their are some freaks, ones that look so different their is no fitting in for them at all. This wonderful world of excitement and romance. I really look forward to the next book Blood Assassin.      

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