Thursday, December 4, 2014

EARLY REVIEW Tempting Boundaries by Carrie Ann Ryan

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And the greatness continues... Tempting Boundaries is Book Two of  Carrie Ann Ryan's Montgomery Ink series.  I really love Carrie Ann's contemporary romance and I love this family. The big Montgomery family living on the outskirts of Denver looks like they have everything but things keep happening to make you wonder if the family is going to break at any moment. But through it all they just tucker down and tighten up and get stronger. Miranda and Decker, wow what can I say about this hot couple. When they finally give into their wants there are fireworks, it's all hot and dirty and very erotic with a side of you're a blind idiot (that's on Decker's part by the way). This is the best one yet.

Decker has never acted upon his feeling for Miranda because he is afraid of what her family would say, as an adopted part of the family he is scared his best friends would turn against him for loving their baby sister. Miranda has always loved Decker, but an ill timed forward overture toward Decker has Miranda thinking it's time to move on. So when a coworker at the school asks her out she accepts, to bad this guy is a psycho and overbearing in a bad way. Miranda knows it's a bad situation and tries to leave but gets smacked around anyway and the cops are hesitant to believe her side of the story. But her family believes and that's enough especially when Decker takes over, in the good way. Finally admitting their feelings to each other and the family and facing the repercussions from that they are finally able to start a real relationship, until Decker's horrible family history rears it's ugly head and makes him doubt himself.

Along with Miranda and Decker we see the on going condition of Harry Montgomery and his cancer treatment and the failure of already existing marriages between two of the other siblings, as well as a happy surprise too.

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