Monday, January 26, 2015

REVIEW Ghost of a Promise by Kelly Moran

Ghost of a Promise is the first of a new series by Kelly Moran. I  really enjoyed this book, it was like a ghost hunting show and a soap mixed into one. Ghost of a Promise follows the ghost hunting reality show Phantoms. If watching ghost hunting shows on tv gives you goose bumps and love it, this book is for you it is creepy and scary and so romantically sweet. It was a really good read, I look forward to more.

Ava Trumble is need of help, she has always loved her family home that has been in the family since the Revolutionary War but now that her Great Aunt has passed she has inherited with the stipulation that she solve the 200 year old mystery of Sarah Kerrick disappearance. With no idea how to do that she elicits the help from Reality T.V. Show  Phantoms. Lead Investigator Jackson Granger is distantly related to the Kerrick family. With the reunion of the Trumbles and the Kerricks back the spirits are restless. Everyone views the house as cursed every man that has lived there has gone crazy or died and every woman has ended up alone. Ava's mother refuses to even enter the house and wouldn't mind if Ava loses it. Ava has her heart set on turning it into a Bed and Breakfast and helping promote tourism in her home town.

With Jackson and Ava it's an instantaneous attraction. Jackson is the love 'em and leave 'em type but there's something about Ava that makes him want to settle. Ava is convinced she will be alone forever because the curse on the house and even though it breaks her heart she pushes Jackson away. The ghosts of the house have a different idea. Sarah and her lingering lavender scent push Ava and Jackson together until they finally give in to their wants. But the other ghost Peter, Ava's ancestor, wants Jackson out because his relation to the Kerrick name. Ava has lost hope that she will come up with good enough proof to keep the house, but help from Sarah she solves the 200 year old mystery.

Jackson and Ava's relationship is complicated and will pull the tears out of you. I loved the whole crew of Phantoms and look forward to reading Give up the Ghost, the next book in the series.      

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