Tuesday, February 10, 2015

REVIEW Finding Lost and Ember's Secret

Fated Desires New Releases

Finding Lost by Deena Remiel
Fated Desires On the Run line now brings us an exciting story of two people trying to escape their past. A very good, enjoyable and exciting story. I definitely need to look into more Deena Remiel books.

Carrie Samuels is trying to escape a stalker the police can not find. She did the only thing she could do until the stalker played his hand and exposes himself, she changes her name her appearance and moves away distancing herself away from family and friends. Three years of living on the caribbean paradise island and she feels like she's in a self imposed prison. Dillon McMahon is burned out, after being a detective and a private eye in his own private firm he has his fair share of enemies and moving to a small island is his early retirement. The instant attraction between Carrie and Dillon scares Carrie on edge afraid because her stalker and Dillon knows something is wrong. When their pasts collide it is an exciting and page-turning adventure.

Ember's Secret by Catherine Peace
Fated Desires Give Me a Taste line now brings us an interesting story with deep roots in Maori recipes and mythology. Out earlier this month Ember's Secret is interesting love story between a Ember a woman who is a Whakamanu—a descendant of the Maori bird-god Tane and a T.V. Celebrity Chef Austin Garten. I enjoyed it it was unique and I'm interested in the other books to come in the Solstice Quartet but overall it was just ok.

Ember's family is the last descendants of their line, Ember's father is paranoid and over protective ever since they escaped from their home after hunters killed her mother and her oldest sister disappeared trying to lead the hunters away. Doing what she loves most in the middle of nowhere running a Maori themed restaurant and just barely getting by until one day a traveling T.V. show's R.V. breaks down. Austin is in a rut and Ember is a breath of fresh air and her food is remarkable. He convinces her doing a show on her and her restaurant is just the thing she needs. Falling in love wasn't in the design but it couldn't help but happening, only Ember's secret just may scare Dillon off.    

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