Tuesday, February 17, 2015

REVIEW Shadow's Embrace by Cara Carnes

I love sci-fi adventure. Cara Carnes' Shadow's Embrace is a psychic goodness. From the On the Run line by Fated Desires a group of psychics on the run from a sadistic general bent on using them for evil means. After escaping from the torture Conver had them going through in the name of training a bunch escaped, the Shadow Elite, a bunch of high ranking psychics tired of Conver and his sadistic doctor escaped and set a bunch of other lower ranking psychics free. Now they fight Conver and his army of psychics. Indigo is a group of children and young adults that have been overlooked, gangs of hoodlums avoiding capture by Conver. Indigo provides education, food and protection. Devyn started up Indigo after her escape from Conver to prevent what happened to her to happen to them. Unbeknownst to the rest of her group she has been providing information it Shadow Elite, as a high ranking technopath she inadvertently ran across some sensitive information that now has Conver on her tale, and know she must rely on the Elite for help and protection.

I really enjoyed this story and the characters I can't wait for more.  

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