Tuesday, February 17, 2015

REVIEW Tattered Loyalties by Carrie Ann Ryan

Ok when I say that everytime Carrie Ann Ryan releases a new book I have a new favorite, I'm not kidding. Tattered Loyalties is a fantastic start to the Talon Pack series and this particular story arc. Brie and Gideon are a perfect match even if they don't see how they are.

The Redwood Pack has known three decades of peace and the Talon Pack has had three decades of picking up the pieces from their last sadistic leader. Together with the Redwood pack they try and make an escape route and alternative plans for the eventuality of humans finding out about the existence of their kind. Gideon has done a wonderful job of bringing the pack up to modern times and mending the wounds that were left. Not everyone agrees with him. The Elders, one in particular Shannon, are stuck in the past and want things to go back to the way they were and will set Gideon up for failure. Shannon has convinced the rest of the Elders that Gideon must take a mate in order to run his pack successfully and if he won't they will force a mating on him with a power hungry female she can easily control. Little did they know Gideon already found his mate.

Brie has known for fifteen years who her potential mate is and has resisted it by avoiding him at all costs but when her uncle requests her presence for a meeting with the Talons she know he time has come. Brie is a submissive wolf, submissive wolves like much like the Omega can help calm down strong wolves but they are calm personalities and avoid conflict; Brie won't fight unless she has too. Brie knows as a submissive wolf she isn't strong enough for Gideon she isn't the alpha he needs to help run his pack but fate has decreed otherwise. Gideon knows immediately what Brie is and what she is to him, but as an alpha he was going to just ignore the connection until the elders gave him their ultimatum. Brie knows the politics of the pack and makes the decision that for the health and safety of the Talon Pack she will mate with Gideon. Together they are very sexually compatible (rwar) but it takes a while for Gideon to and Brie to learn about each other especially when it comes to Brie's strength. Them working together to find out just how perfect they are together is emotional and enjoyable, everything I love about Carrie Ann Ryan's writing is in this book. Everything starts to fall apart when a villain from the past shows up again and threatens all the hard work the two packs have worked for.

I loved, loved, loved this book. It was a great introduction to the characters in the new pack and even if you missed Redwood Pack as a whole (you really are missing something great) it doesn't impact much this is a new story arc and everything you need to know about the past is summed up in a nutshell. I really am looking forward to Finn's book next.    

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