Tuesday, July 21, 2015

ARC REVIEW Wanted by Dee Tenorio

A Deadly Secrets novel by Dee Tenorio, I believe is the second book in the series. The first book Convicted, which I have also read. I liked this one a bit more then the first and aside from being painfully predictable it was a very good romantic suspense. This is a dark romance I need to throw that out here now it deals with some pretty bad things in Whitney's past. There is a nice flow to Tenorio's writing style and even paced suspense that doesn't slow down. The characters have tortured pasts that really make you route for them and want to smack them when they are being stupid.

When we first met this small California town it was over run with a horrible biker gang. Rick Terlane returns home and is determined to clean it up and with marine buddy Cade Evigan and undercover DEA agent and hometown girl Katrina Killan to help they successfully wipe the gang out. Now time has past and the residents are still trying to move on past their past. Cade and Kat happily together and a clean run Deputy department and everything seems like it going back to normal until the one of the former corrupt Deputies ends up shot dead and all the circumstantial evidence points to one person Rick's best friend Whitney Peterson

Whitney has been in love with Rick since forever, but she can not share what she thought she had to do in order so protect her mother and her niece. I   t's her dirty little secret to carry around with her forever, or so she thought when the man behind it all ends up dead and she is the number one suspect. One more body shows up and Whit and Rick are stuck between a rock and a hard place as their feelings and sexual attraction get in the way of Rick trying to find out the truth. Whit knows she should trust Rick with the information but is afraid that when he finds out he will no longer look at her the same way again let alone be able to love her. Rick starts off not wanting in any relationship because of the incident that ended his military career but the more trouble points to Whit he grows more protective and realizes his feelings are stronger than he ever thought. But is the old adage right will the truth set you free? Or will Whit be right and it ruins everything she has worked for including her love for Rick.

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