Tuesday, August 25, 2015

ARC REVIEW An Alpha's Choice by Carrie Ann Ryan

Another emotional roller coaster courtesy of Carrie Ann Ryan. Brynn and Finn, finally, and of course it isn't going to be an easy read. I love everything about this series starting way back at the start of the Redwood Pack series, there is no book I didn't love; this book is no exception. Carrie Ann Ryan does not disappoint.

As we read through the Redwood pack series we saw young Finn as a baby and small child. Now in the Talon pack series he's all grown up and he's not going to waste time on a woman when there is not hope for something permanent, but the sexy and snarky Brynn calls to him like no other; sadly his wolf does nothing.

Brynn has lived through hell, the former Alpha of the Talon pack her father was a horrendous leader who did countless atrocities to pack and especially his children. Brynn has moved past all that and now that she knows her mate a man her wolf calls out for she suffers far worse because Finn doesn't feel it too.

Their world has changed their secret is out. Their existence is out of the proverbial closet. Now the Packs walk a thin line to keep the human from getting scared and yet still show no fear. Talon and Redwood Packs have agreed the best course of action for now is to just be seen and be seen doing normal things, harmless things. Finn and Brynn are elected to go together shopping, drinking coffee and what not. But some humans are still scared and outright attack them, in the long run Finn and Brynn end up looking the heroes for it. That just makes the evil humans more upset and started attacking the packs homeland testing the wards.

Finn finally gives in and reveals everything to Brynn, and despite it all they give the mating mark a try but no avail, it doesn't work both heartbroken return to their homes. But all hope is not abandoned, Hannah has been afraid of this and has a plan.

Overall, I love this book. The love story does seem to overshadow everything else but heck this is a romance and it is still balanced.

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