Saturday, August 29, 2015

ARC REVIEW Wolf Trouble by Paige Tyler

Book two of Paige Tyler's SWAT series, Wolf Trouble, is an exciting, heart pounding, steamy read. I fell in love with the Dallas SWAT team in the last book, the introduction to such a special group of men with extraordinary abilities. Now that closed off group Alpha shifters has to deal with the first female shifter they have ever met. This book was everything the first book was. Xander is a walking turn on and Khaki is an amazing heroine. Paige Tyler is a great storyteller, I was completely immersed in the story.

Leader of SWAT Sergeant Gage Dixon has been backed into a corner by HR and his superiors to "diversify" the team. The only way he agreed was that it had to be his pick, considering the list they gave him to pick from are all humans and not qualified and quite a bit of them were last assigned in IA. Gage admits he has been wanting to bring in a woman and he has just the one in mind.

Khaki Blake started to notice something was wrong with her after the night she was attacked saving a woman's life. Khaki has been a police officer for the Lakefront PD for years, but after a bad break up with a fellow officer, Jeremy Engler, she has been wanting a change, he has turned the department against her and every time she has needed back up he made sure she didn't have it. Three months after she first noticed the change she is approached by Gage and asked to join the Dallas SWAT team and with almost no hesitation, after she realizes he's for real, she agrees.

Senior Corporal Xander Riggs isn't so sure about having a woman on the team, but he accepts that it has happened. He is ready for her training and knowing he is going to have her on his team he's not ready for the enticing scent of her. She proves herself pretty much right away and gains the approval of the guys right off the back. The only one who seems to be disappointed in and push her harder than necessary is Xander. Xander keeps trying to keep her at a distance, he knows she just got out of a bad relationship and doesn't want to cross that line and make her uncomfortable and he is pushing her hard because he knows she can do it. Khaki has become fast friends with MacKenzie, she may be human but she knows more about shifters since she is engaged to Gage. MacKenzie isn't shy about telling Khaki that the reason Xander smells so good is because he is "The One" and explains how special that is for shifters.

Xander is basically a walking hard on whenever Khaki is near, but is impressed with how fast she is learning. When she comes to him for help he is surprises she is that strong and talented even though she has yet to fully shift yet. Xander coaches her on how to do the things the rest of the guys can do that she hasn't figured out yet. Their relationship quickly changes gears when they both admit their feelings, but because it is against regulations they have to keep it hidden.

Things get all messed up when a gang of bank robbers are hitting Dallas banks and the FBI calls the SWAT in to assist, but the agent in charge is douche and risks the lives of innocent bystanders, Khaki's quick thinking saves a young girl. The appearance of Jeremy Engler also messes with the hot and heavy relationship between Xander and Khaki and threatens to expose their relationship.

This book is everything I like about Paige Tyler, she has taken a new twist to shifter romance. Overall, this is a definite keeper and i really look forward to more and hopefully see more of Khaki's shy neighbor.    

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