Tuesday, September 15, 2015

ARC REVIEW Abandoned and Unseen by Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan

Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan have done it again. It even surpasses the first book. If you love Alexandra Ivy and Carrie Ann Ryan then this is perfect, between the two of them it's an exciting paranormal adventure.

 Abandoned is about a Mama Bear protecting her her cubs, literally not figuratively. Anya Tucker is the proud mother of twin boys. The boys are curious and adventuresome and ever since they were forced to move in to the compound with the cats and the wolves they have been exploring and getting into trouble. They have been fascinated with playing with one cat in particular. Cole McDermott is one of the trackers of the wild cat pack, Anya sees him as nothing but a lazy good for nothing cat, but that's just because she feels things for him she really doesn't want to feel. Cole likes playing with the cubs but understands Anya's worry about the boys playing in an area they don't know yet.

The boys father was a human doctor who convinced Anya he was in love with her, only to abandon her after she got pregnant. Unbeknownst to her he was also the one who kidnapped shifters to experiment on and now wants his sons to continue his research. Anya and Cole leave the compound to track down her sons before something really bad happens. Anya also finally admits there could be something between her and Cole but will they find the boys before it's to late and can Anya survive without them.

 Unseen, out in the real world unbranded and uncollared this group is working behind the scenes and undercover inside the SAU to bring them down from the inside. They say never mess with someone who has nothing else to lose. Nicole Bradley has nothing left to lose and is willing to risk her life to find the man responsible for murdering her toddler son. Escaping from the compound was easy finding the secret SAU headquarters was easy, getting past the big polar bear shifter is another matter. Tucker Stone recognizes Nicole for who she is almost immediately, his mate. Now he is trying to help her find the SAU guard without compromising the Unseen's ultimate goal.

Things never go as planned with the disappearance of one of the doctors the SAU is purging their systems and the Unseen have to hid their trail and Nicole is able to find the man. Now Nicole must decide what she wants more vengeance or the exposure of how evil the SAU is to the world.

Overall, this dark paranormal is great reading, erotic and exciting.

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