Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ARC REVIEW Ghost of You by Kelly Moran

I *bangs head on desk* missed *bangs head on desk* BOOK 2!! Despite missing book two of the Phantoms series (my own fault completely) jumping back in to the series was easy. Ghost of You is wonderful love story and creepy as hell ghost story. I inhaled it this book. Sammy and Cain are a powder keg ready to explode, it's a fine line in between love and hate.

Cain the newest member is a psychologist and Sammy has a deep routed hatred for all shrinks, the fact that he is walking sex appeal just makes her hate him more because she doesn't want to be attracted to him. Cain has feelings for Sammy, even her extreme obvious dislike of him can't get in the way of it. He likes everything about her and everyone, especially the viewers of Phantoms, can see it; everyone except her. The producers have had enough of their fight and told them to shape up and get along. One of the Producers, Elise, is retiring and knows Sammy wants the job, she will get the job as long as things straighten out between her and Cain.

The next site they are working on is in Sammy's home town. she was contacted by an old friend who recently bought land that has been said that is cursed and haunted by what maybe a demon. It's and old church and school that was closed down after a fire in the fifties and an old cemetery that predates it all back to early 1900's, the road out front is also part of the curse an ungodly amount of accidents and deaths have happened right outside the church including Sammy's own Mother. Right off the bat things start happening and it seems like the evil entity likes Sammy. Sammy tried to keep her own past out of the limelight but that's not going to happen. Everything from EVPs to outright physical attacks pushes the team away. The team tries to get to the bottom of things researching what happened and talking to a few of the survivors from the school fire. Working closely together Sammy finally realizes just how protective Cain is over her and just how comfortable she feels with him. Cain wants to help and even after Sammy tells him about her past he still won't give her up. But after everything Sammy still is pushing him away she pushes so hard she just may have lost him for good.

Overall, I really liked this book. I love the whole cast of characters and I really need to go back and read number two.  

FYI it's only .99

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