Saturday, October 17, 2015

ARC REVIEW Grimm's End by Shiloh Walker

Grimm's End... in ten days (10/27/15) the conclusion to Shiloh Walker's Grimm's Circle series releases and we finally find out what happened to Will after he jumped into the portal. Oh my gosh this book what can I say about it; the action- outstanding, exciting, nail biting situations; the internal struggle- Will fighting for forgiveness, Mandy- never giving up on the fact that Will is alive even if it's killing her from the inside out; the sex- ooooohh for two years Mandy has been having dreams of Will dreams in which they both are able to profess their love and show it. My favorite quote:

"If I could have let myself, I would have loved you..."   

Will said it at the end of the last book one of the last things he told Mandy before sacrificing himself for the greater good. For two years Mandy has been slowly dying inside pining after Will. She often visits the place he disappeared and is visited by the wraith, the black winged angel of death who tries to convince her to just give up on Will.

Sina has taken charge of the Grimm's and like Will she is slowly losing her coloring turning her into a whiter shade of pale and silver. The demons haven't let up, even with Will's sacrifice, they seem to be just getting worse after one particularly heinous attack Rip and Greta are taking care of the carnage when a portal opens up and Greta gets pulled in; she's only gone for a minute or two and then comes back. But what she saw while over there changes everything. Only a few minutes on this side but it lasted six hours on the other side and she was there with Will. Mandy has developed more powers in the last two years and knows she needs to be at Sina's house she knows there's news about Will. SIna is still trying to protect Mandy and doesn't want Greta to tell her, but Greta is like a mother to Mandy and believes that Mandy deserves to know. Mandy now knows will is definitely still Alive she is willing to leave the Grimm's if Sina doesn't let her go and try to bring him back.
"I love him, Rip. I'll never, ever love another. My one chance is this...either I save him, or I die in the trying"
 Rip and Greta are willing to help because they know how she feels and would do the same if they were in her shoes, so they enlist the help of Rob. Rob is bat shit crazy, on a good day otherwise he's just plain fucking insane; but Rob knows how to open a portal. Everything goes wrong as soon as Rob and Mandy pass through the portal and they are attacked, and outnumbered. Will comes to save the day but almost too late Mandy is poisoned by one of the demons and accidentally gets some of Rob and Will's blood in her, the result is she learns the horrible truth of Will's past; first hand she lives through his memories.

Mandy lived through the memories and now the hard part is to convince Will to come back with them. They also finally get the chance to show and express their love and still Will does not want to go.
"I could have two thousand years...or two hundred thousand with you and it wouldn't be enough" 
Will is stubborn and doesn't feel like he deserves her and it takes and angel and a wraith to make him see the light. Overall, This really was a satisfying ending to a great series.

The quotes are taken from the ARC and may be different from the final publication.  


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