Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ARC REVIEW The Moonshadow's Daughter by Kaylie Newell

The Moonshadow's Daughter is part of Wolfe Creek series, even though you can read it as a stand alone, I felt something was lacking because I haven't read the previous books. Part of that was Aimee, she's going through the transition of normal young woman to werewolf functioning in a normal society; but you come in halfway through that transition. You don't see much growing as a character because of it. The book does have a definite creep factor, the mentions and sections where "something" is out there in the woods watching really keeps you on the edge. Along with that are some pretty erie descriptives, it has some great descriptive scenes settings.

Aimee had been living in the woods since her transformation, it was easier and safer for her to be or and away from everybody. She had also been presumed dead, away from her parents and physically and mentally student than the girl that they knew. Aimee is now struggling with the urge to reenter society or stay in the woods alone forever. Her discussion gets taken out of her hands when she falls sick, she just barely makes it to her friends house; one of only three people who knows she's still alive. So sick her friends calls the doctor in.

Doctor Jake Blackstock was just grateful that his parents could take care of his son. Ever since Jake lost his wife a year ago he had been struggling with raising his young son on his own. Young Daniel, was lost in the woods and claims that a wolf man saved him and brought him back to camp. Nightly he still had reoccurring dreams of the monster that killed his mother and of the nice wolf man that saved him. Late one night Jake gets called out to the inn to treat a patient. Right away Jake knows she's something he recognizes her from the search party that was held the commercials with her face plastered all over the place asking have you seen me; it was also insta-love. Bring Aimee back to health was just part of his job, but even after she was better and disappeared again he could not stop thinking about her, worrying about her out in the woods all by herself and with winter coming the drop in temperature. He sent a message through their mutual friend for her to come see him for a follow up visit. Aimee should have stayed away but the kind and gentle doctor made her wish things could be different. She should have stayed away especially when he offered her the extra room. Daniel fell in love with Aimee almost from the get go, and as cute and adorable as that little boy is Aimee couldn't stop loving him too. The more time didn't together the more Jake falls in love with Aimee, but he is aware she is still hiding something from him. Aimee feels guilty but she's scared to share her secret, scared of what Jake will think of what he will do.

But something sinister is also out in the woods. Aimee can feel it, something watching Daniel and Jake. Something is also killing local cattle; cows, sheep and even a local who was out camping was bit by a freakin big animal that moved fast as lightning. Aimee and the other werewolves in the town have an idea who it is but can't find him, Aimee world falls apart after she tells Jake what she is and when the monster strikes again Jake's world threatens to fall apart as well.

Overall, this was a creepy, but in a good way, book. The love story was good, satisfying; the suspense was really good and the pay off at the climax was suitable, good but not the best.  

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