Tuesday, October 13, 2015

ARC REVIEW Written in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Yea! more tattooed yummy hotness from Carrie Ann Ryan. Written in Ink is centered around Griffin Montgomery and Autumn Manor. Autumn appeared first in Harder Than Words when she played a role in saving both Luc and Meghan. Since then the Montgomery's have pulled her into their family. Griffin is the odd ball in the family nor the artist or handy with tools but crafts words into a story that has made him a famous author. I love this series it's a blend of romance, erotica, and suspense; and Carrie Ann Ryan does it so well. (you do that thing that you do that you do so well) Griffin is a scruffy, stubborn, sexy, intelligent man candy. I love Griffin it's a tie right now between who I love more Luc or Griffin.

Autumn is constantly moving, never staying in one place long afraid her past will catch up with her; But when she accepted the job a keeper for Griffin Montgomery it became so much more than just cleaning his house and making sure he eats. Griffin didn't think he needed a keeper and was bound to scare her off, but just after the first day he saw how much she had already done he started to rethink it. It was an instant attraction between the two and the silly nickname Griffin gives Autumn, Fall, turns from a joke to a term of endearment. Autumn doesn't want to get to attached but when her fantasies about Griffin become reality the harder it becomes when she decides to leave. Her plan to keep all the Montgomery's in the dark about her past goes awry when her past finds her before she can leave and instead of leaving like she had planned she ends up at Griffin's house in shock. Griffin didn't realize how close he came to losing his Fall until he finds her in her car white knuckling the steering wheel and tears rolling down her face. Autumn finally confides in him her past and he is determined to protect her but his feelings for her scare him more than anything.

Overall, this is another winner from Carrie Ann Ryan. Griffin and Autumn are a perfect match and watching them discover it in this book is wonderful, exciting, erotic and all around very entertaining.    

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