Thursday, April 28, 2016

ARC REVIEW Shadowed Blade by J.C. Daniels

I am so happy that this book is finally out! IF you are already a fan this is without a doubt an automatic buy. If you are curious about the series I very highly recommend it, it is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series. You might want to reread (or just read) Misery's Way before you start this one just to refresh your memory on what happened between Frankie and Kit because it is mentioned in this but it is just glossed over mainly because this is from Kit's POV and Kit doesn't remember much of what actually happened. That's one thing about the beginning of this book it seems disjointed it bounces around a lot and some of the events are completely skipped over and then just and just rehashed as a summery. This is good however because soooo much happens in the book if all of it was written out it would be a much longer drawn out story.

I can't get to much into the story because it might be to revealing of spoilers and that's a no no. So as of the last book Kit was hired by the President of the United States to do some "simple" tasks the last one almost got Kit and Justin killed. They manage to get back to Orlando barely alive but that's when things get hectic. On old friend of Justin and Kit's show up a super psychic that goes by the name of Nova. It turns out Justin and the healing witch, Colleen, who was with him were kidnapped. Kits mounts the rescue. This is just the tip of the shitstorm iceberg. Tensions are running high especially since the President isn't taking it lightly that Kit is refusing to do any more jobs for him. People aren't who they say they are and the past isn't as cut and dry as Kit thinks, and that one on going story arc with the missing shifters and witches, well lets just say exciting!!

Overall, I freakin' loved this book. The series altogether is exciting, dark, emotional, suspenseful and hot as hell especially with Damon, that kitty can make me purr. I think if you picked this book up without reading the others you could follow along with the story it does a good job refreshing our memories about past events that a newbie could possibly pick it up fine.    

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