Tuesday, June 7, 2016

ARC REVIEW To Love a Wolf by Paige Tyler

To Love a Wolf

By Paige Tyler
Available Now 

I absolutely love this series. I love the everything about it; the direction Paige Tyler went with the shifters, they are not typical shifter types. I love Landry Cooper, I have since the first book, and I have been (not so) patiently waiting for his book. But the wait was worth it! Tyler's writing style as always addictive. Fast paced action to grip you into the story; romance to make you swoon and break your heart a little when it has to then completely makes it up to you.  

Landry Cooper has been there for three of his pack mates when they found their "The One" as a sounding board and a confidant, now it's time to find his. Everly was pleasantly surprised when the hot cop standing behind her in line at the bank asked her out, she was even more surprised when he ended up saving her life during a bank robbery minutes later. Everything is all sunshine and roses from the start with Landry and Everly. Landry knows beyond a doubt that Everly is "The One" and he's preparing himself for revealing his secret to her and hope for the best. Enter the conflict...
Everly's family.  
 Everly has very overprotective brothers and a father, they have been since the brutal murder of her mother when she was little. Introducing Landry to them was suppose to be easy, they would love him just as much as she loves him. But almost immediately they try to break them apart and they aren't shy about using force to do it. When Landry is forced to reveal himself before he was ready it just may have cost him the HEA he was looking for with Everly.

Also in the story is a wedding....    

It was very nicely done and didn't take away from Landry and Every's story, it was a nice touch to see Mac and Gage get married.  

Overall, this was another great action packed romance. Love it. Can't wait for more.

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