Thursday, January 19, 2017

ARC REVIEW Wolf Unleashed by Paige Tyler

I absolutely love this series. These guys are hot! But this book does need to come with a warning. If you love dogs, and get upset when bad things happen to dogs in books you might want to skip this one. It has some harsh moments with dog fighting rings and what happens to the dogs afterward. Other than that Fantastic book. This book just really hit the spot with my PNR/Action/Suspense reading needs.

Alex is one hot tamale, and when he falls he falls fast one look at the veterinarian who has been working with DPD's new Animal Cruelty Squad and he's a gonner. Lacey doesn't want a relationship, she watched her mother self destruct over men and has been raising her little sister all on her own. She is concentrating on getting her sister through college before she even wants to start thinking about her love life. But in walks Alex all sexy and a drop dead gorgeous smile not to mention he had the adopted pit bull mix, Tuffie, with him. No matter how easy he is to flirt with or talk to or how good he is with animals or how she can't stop thinking about him or how he won't give up asking her out, Lacey keeps turning him down, determined not to date yet. Finally after both her sister and her best friend tell her there is no time like the present, and that not all men are like the losers her mom dated she finally agrees to go out with Alex. ohhh Fireworks! That is until she finds out what he is.

Unfortunately, life intercedes. Alex is working a case with the DEA trying to track down a new and deadly drug on the streets which seems to also connect to a string of missing girls from the local colleges. Lacey has problems of her own when a dogfighting ring has ties back to a very powerful player in the city. The shit really hits the fan when Lacey's sister goes missing and the only one she can turn to for help is Alex.

Overall, such a great book, so intense at parts and Lacey and Alex together when they finally get together is well hot to say the least.

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