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ARC REVIEW DC Universe Rebirth Wonder Woman: Vol 1 The Lies

Wonder Woman  Vol. 1 The Lies

 By: Greg Rucka,
 Paulo Sigueira, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott, Matt Clark, Laura Martin
Variant Cover Art: Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
#1, #3, #5, #7, #9, #11 and Rebirth

The Story: This story arc runs parallel with “Year One” It follows Diana on her search for the truth. Diana has lost her way she’s doubting herself and her role as Wonder Woman. She is also starting to remember two distinctively different pasts. Looking for help in her search for the truth Diana seeks out and old friend and enemy Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah. But Cheetah won’t help for nothing and demands that Diana help her in her journey to destroy the God who cursed her.  Along the way she once again crosses path with Steve Trevor.

The Art: Outstanding. I love the detail and the contrast between light and dark. It adds a visual to the conflict that Diana is currently feeling the two halves of herself not knowing which one is the true Diana. She wears almost a perpetual sad and confused look on her face, even when smiling it still seems sad. I loved Cheetah’s look, she looks more feral and terrifying. Steve Trevor looked like a young Chuck Norris mixed with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but I liked it.

The Characters:
Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman: I love the creation origins behind Wonder Woman. She is everything Superman and Batman are except a woman. She is a diplomat first only resorting to violence unless it’s the last resort. I have a feeling that she going to be facing some serious internal conflict in the upcoming events.

 Barbara Ann Minerva/ Cheetah: I have never liked Cheetah more than I do now. Rucka rewrote Cheetah’s origin a little. Instead of just being a jealous heiress turned archeologist who was then cursed and possessed by a cheetah, she has a deeper past. In which Rucka went into with Minerva’s own origin comic.

 Steve Trevor: Steve was Diana’s first love, and I have a theory about first loves. You never really stop loving them. You may grow apart and become different people but deep down you still love who that person was and how they made you feel. I think that’s what Steve is to Diana, even if they can’t be together Diana still has that feeling of what they meant to each other. But I sense that in future comics those feelings will be tested.

Etta Candy and the rest of Steve Trevor’s team show up and do their thing. Etta later aids Diana in her search and Godwatch makes an appearance.

Review: I read this just as is, I haven't read the Year One story arc yet, so it did seem like I miss something but the artwork and this story arc way then made up for it, that and I looked up stuff on wiki to catch up. (psst don't read wiki of you don't want spoilers on where the story is going) I've never been a diehard fan of Wonder Woman; I love what she stood for and her strength but my only real exposure to her were the Linda Carter Wonder Woman reruns on the Sci-fi Channel growing up but between DCEU animated movies, can not forget InJustice video game, and now Dawn of Justice and the new upcoming movie (that looks awesome) I am really diggin' it. With "Rebirth" I thought that it would be like a giant reboot and that I could jump in and be fine, nope. I have no idea where they are going with it but so far I do like it. I hope I get to review more. I really enjoy a good internal conflict and a bit of romance with my action. I like where Rucka is going with this so far.

**I am a newb. I will be the first to admit that. I am fairly new to reading comic books. I mainly read DC, my first comic book love was Sandman by Gaiman which I read before really getting into comics. I have been a fan since Batman the Michael Keaton movie. I've mainly watched the cartoon series and the animated movies, after watching Flashpoint Paradox I knew I needed to read the actual thing. I got into the comics, never looked back and now here I am trying to review some of my favorite and iconic characters.**    

ARC REVIEW Starlight Bridge by Debbie Mason

A second chance for romance...

Harmony Harbor #2
Debbie Mason
Releasing Feb 28, 2017

A second chance for romance...

Hidden in Graystone Manor is a book containing all the dark secrets of Harmony Harbor, and Ava DiRossi is determined to find it. No one-especially not her ex-husband, Griffin Gallagher-can ever discover what really tore her life apart all those years ago. With Griffin back in town, it's more important than ever that she find the book before someone else does. Because her ex is still angry with her for leaving him. And he still has no idea Ava never stopped loving him...

Ava is no longer the vibrant, happy woman Griffin had once loved and married, and he would do anything to bring back the sparkle to her brilliant green eyes. But what's never changed are the sexy sparks of attraction between Ava and Griffin, and he won't give her up again without a fight. He knows there's the real possibility of a future together... if the truth doesn't burn the bridge between them forever.

Harmony Harbor book two, Starlight Bridge. I love a good second chance romance and this one was wonderful. Ava and Griffin never stopped loving each other but for reasons Ava never shared they divorced. The two characters, Ava and Griffin, were we written and very easy to connect with their chemistry was palpable. The love and loyalty to Griffin in the Gallagher family is obvious because of their dislike toward Ava after the divorce. As a whole this book has so much going on; Sophie, from Mistletoe Cottage book one of the series, is still trying to save Greystone Manor and make it successful and trying to convince Ava to take on the head chef's position. When Greystone Manor gets into a wedding show competition with a rival there is more at stake then just the competition.  

Ava quit school and moved back home to take care of her father who was in a bad crash and became paralyzed. Ava silently withdrew more and more into herself and became just a shadow of the person she once was. Griffin tried to move on even remarried and divorced again all the while convincing himself he hated Ava and trying to figure out what he did wrong to push her away. The only person Ava told the truth to was Colleen Gallagher, and when Colleen died and admitted to writing down all the secrets in her memoirs in her video will Ava knew she had to find that before anyone else to make sure her secret stayed a secret. Ava has successfully avoided Griffin for the better part of the decade but when he comes home to help with the renovations at the manor and is staying at the manor there is no avoiding him. Especially since a certain ghost and her cat keep trying to push them together. But with the Bridal show competition going one and someone trying hard to make sure they fail and to make things even worse for Ava, Griffin's second wife shows up unexpectedly and is determined to make Ava's life hell. 

Lexie, Griffin's other ex, blames everything on Ava. I hated Lexi for most of the book, understandably Lexi's dislike toward Ava was because she didn't know Ava and all she was the the "broken" Griffin she left behind but Lexi's dislike became childish after a while. Griffin and Ava are meant to be together and no matter of disgruntled ex-wives, belligerent french chefs, or suspicious butlers will stand in their way to be together again. But when the past rears it's ugly head it may be more than Ava can handle.

Overall, Great book. It was a great romance with some excitement, angst, and humor.

Griffin Gallagher gaped at his ex-wife standing fully clothed under the shower’s icy spray. Beneath a dripping wet gray sweater several sizes too big, her uniform clung to her birdlike frame, an ugly pair of shoes on her feet. Her long, jet-black hair plastered to her head, Ava stared at him through the water streaming down her pale, gaunt face.
Despite the changes to the woman he’d once loved more than life itself, he felt a familiar stirring, a familiar heat low in his belly. He was reacting to her as though nothing had changed. With her gaze riveted on the evidence of his body’s betrayal, embarrassment and anger coursed through him. 
“What the hell are you doing in here, Ava?” He shut off the water with such force that he nearly ripped the lever off the wall. 
Her impossibly green eyes jerked to his face, reminding him where they’d lingered only seconds before. Swearing under his breath, he covered himself with the shower curtain and then leaned to his right to grab two towels off the rack. He threw her one. She blinked and caught it before it hit her in the face. 
Reeling from the realization that he still wanted her, still felt something for her after all this time, he said through clenched teeth, “Get out. Now,” and wrapped the towel around his waist. 
“I...I’m sorry. I didn’t expect you so soon. I was…I was just cleaning the tiles.”
Everything about her was foreign to him—the meek, stammering voice; the way she stood with her shoulders bowed; the raw, chapped hands that trembled as she brought the towel to her face. She looked exhausted, and she was lying. 
He opened his mouth to ask her what was going on. Then quickly closed it before he uttered the questions that had been eating at him since he saw her at his great-grandmother’s funeral. Are you okay? What happened to you? What can I do to take the shadows from under your eyes? It was no longer his job, no longer his right.

He’d been there before, a long time ago. And all it had gotten him was a broken heart. It’d taken him years to recover. There’d been a time when he didn’t think he ever would. With Ava, he’d never again allow his heart to overrule his head.

Debbie Mason is the bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series and Harmony Harbor series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). She also writes historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series has received several nominations for best paranormal as well as a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their three wonderful children, two adorable grandbabies, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.

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ARC REVIEW Zero to Sixty by Marie Harte

Zero to Sixty book three of Marie Harte's Body Shop Bad Boys series. Mmmm, there is something about big strong silent bearded men. Sam, I knew he was going to steal my heart, he is such a lonely soul even with the love and support from his best friend, Foley, and Foley's mom not to mention the friendships he has forged at Webster's Garage especially now since Foley has found his one and only. Sam has a secret he's been keeping from everyone, he helps rescue strays and find them homes when one dog gets away and finds himself outside a massage studio and gets himself adopted by a woman Sam finds irresistible. Sam uses the dog as an excuse to meet Ivy. Ivy has had it with relationships she's concentrating on her business now but after she meets Sam as much as she wants to convince herself otherwise she's got it bad.

Sam is the bad boy with the soft side and Ivy is the good girl but these opposites have more in common then you may think they both love animals and cheesy sci-fi movies. They both are very shy and reserved around people until they get to know them better. Sam had a difficult childhood and still deals with his manipulative mother, as a result Sam has never felt that he deserves anything good. Ivy shows him he deserves a happy life and so much more without his hateful mother to bring him down.

Overall, this has to be my favorite of the series so far. I feel like I have more in common with these two then the other so far.  

ARC REVIEW Exposed by Rhonda Pollero

Exposed took me by surprise, what I was expecting from the blurb I was expecting something more like Sleeping with the Enemy but it was so much more it a couple of nice "what a twist moments" but was also predictable in other parts. It was an enjoyable diversion from the typical. It was a good story it kept me up all night reading it. Darby is trying to get out of the situation by any means possible and she thinks she has the best solution, but she really didn't think it through with all possible outcomes and she did not expect her husband to be complete sociopath. This was a very complicated plan on Darby's part and she was willing to risk everything but the life of her baby to execute it. The story was well written and the characters were easy to connect to and easy to like.

Darby had a whirlwind romance with Sean and she thought it was ideal up to the time he first hit her, it wasn't until she was eight months pregnant that she had enough. But Sean quite literally is watching every move she makes so Darby concocts a plan she feels is the only way she can successfully keep the baby away from Sean's abusiveness. Her plans require a lawyer one who has no ties to her, Sean, or her family, Jack Kavanaugh. At first Jack wants nothing to do with the privileged Darby, but he knows she's lying to him and that she is in desperate need of help. Everything goes according to plans up until the point Sean does something she never expected and now she needs Jack's help to get out of this and safe not only herself but that of her daughter.

Overall, this really was a good read. I look forward to reading more by Rhonda Pollero.    

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ARC REVIEW Close To Home by Lily Everett

Book Five of the Sanctuary Island series. If you are just getting into it that's fine this can be read pretty easily as a standalone. It's a pretty emotional story without a bunch of angst, but the lack of communication between Tessa and Johnny just really made you want to strangle them at points. I mean really you've known and been married to each other for how many years and you never sat down and talked?! How do you know you love each other if you never really talked to each other! Thankfully that all gets fixed. Sanctuary Island is a quaint little island where everyone knows everyone else and all their business.

Tessa was raised in a commune but when she got sick and her father refused to let her get help she ran away. She found her way into Johnny's Mom's barn. Johnny took her in and married her so she could get on his health plan. Johnny just joined the military and promised the naive "Teri" they would just have a marriage of convenience. Over the years "Teri" fell in love with the man who made it his life's goal to save people, but after eight years of loving someone who didn't love her in return was too much. She left when he went undercover for the ATF and filed for divorce so she can start a new life a new life where she wasn't reliant on someone else or their obligation. When "Teri" moved to Sanctuary Island she back Tessa and feel in love with the town and the people.

Johnny has a lot of guilt to the point that everything in his life is dedicated to saving people to make up for the one he couldn't. Johnny fell in love with Teri almost immediately but at first she was so innocent he didn't feel right doing anything more than hugging and a peck on the cheek. But eight years have passed and he is so desperate for his wife to finally be his wife. But then he gets a Dear John letter and divorce papers. Johnny is determined to find her and convince her they need to stay with each other. Because of Johnny's childhood he doesn't feel like he has the capacity to love. He wants Tessa but he can't give her what she needs and that is to admit he loves her. Tessa has given up already and even though she promised him a month of therapy and getting to know each other she has no hope that it will work out.

Johnny practically placed Tessa on a pedestal in their marriage. She was something fragile that he had to protect and through the therapy they finally really talk to each other and learn things they never knew. The suspense bit at the end also helped Johnny realize that Tessa didn't need him to save her. There is also a side story that kind of gets in the way, it's nice but it's only there to build up the back story between the characters in the next book.

Overall, it was a nice read, kind of sweet good story. It did have a stretched out ending it seemed like it would never end.

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RELEASE BLITZ Texas SEAL by Paige Tyler

Title: Texas SEAL
Series: SEALs of Coronado #3
Author: Paige Tyler
Genre: Military/Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 14, 2017


That was then—this is now.

When a woman from his past shows up on his doorstep, Navy SEAL Trent Wagner isn’t sure what to expect. The little sister of his best friend back in high school, Lyla Torres is all grown up now and even more beautiful than he remembered. He’d always had a thing for her back then, but that damn bro code meant she was off limits.

Before Trent can act on the sparks that obviously still exist between them, he’s going to have to use his SEAL training to help find her brother. His old friend has messed up his life since they were teenagers, getting into drugs and doing some time in jail, and now he’s missing. Trent knows it’s not a good idea to get involved in someone else’s problems, especially when they could end up getting both him and Lyla thrown into prison—or killed. But Trent has never been able to say no to a beautiful woman, especially one he’s had a crush on since high school.

Texas SEAL is the third book of the SEALs of Coronado series. All of the books are fabulous and this one is no exception. Very exciting action scenes and even hotter sex scenes. Trent and Lyla are very easy characters to connect to. Tyler has a wonderful narrative that's easy to follow and a great active setting.
 Trent is relatively new to the squad but overdue for a vacation, he has no plans until his best friend's little sister comes to town to ask for help. Trent is not going to say no to her he's always had a crush on her but stayed away because of her brother. Lyla is the only one who stood by her brother, she supported him after the drug charges and everyone else even their parents gave up. Her brother has started over, turned over a new leaf and become a very popular artist but now he's missing.  
 Overall, it is an entertaining story and wonderful characters it was a quick read but one I really enjoyed.

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Author Bio

Paige is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of sexy romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She graduated from The University of West Florida with a degree in education in 2000, but decided to pursue a full-time career as a writer in 2004. Since then, she’s written over fifty books in several genres, including paranormal, contemporary, western, sci-fi and erotica. She loves writing about strong, sexy, alpha males and the feisty, independent women who fall for them. From verbal foreplay to sexual heat, her stories of romance, adventure, suspense, passion and true love will leave you breathlessly panting for more.

She and her very own military hero (also known as her husband) live on the beautiful Florida coast with their adorable fur baby (also known as their dog). Paige graduated with a degree in education, but decided to pursue her passion and write books about hunky alpha males and the kick-butt heroines who fall in love with them.

When not working on her latest book, Paige enjoys reading, jogging, P90X, Yoga, Pilates, going to the beach, watching NFL football, watching movies and hanging out with her husband (not necessarily in that order!)

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ARC REVIEW Into the Firestorm by Kat Martin

Brodie Operations Security Service, Inc. or BOSS, Inc. for short is a Seattle based security company run by (duh) the Brodies. In book three we find that Luke as finally met his match, who better for battle jaded tough guy Luke to fall in love with than a jaded tough girl out for revenge. I think I liked this one better than the other two, Emma is such a strong character and so determined to do what she has to do. If you have read the previous two books you have seen (well, read) Luke in action so you can imagine his surprise when a petite curly haired woman with some serious curves takes out a bail jumper all on her own. Luke hopes they aren't after the same guy, but when she shows up asking questions about the same guy he's looking for he realizes she doesn't know just how much in over her head she is, and even though their are reasons he never takes on partners he would rather her work with him than on her own and the sexual attraction is not helping the matter.

Emma was all set to be a teacher, but after her niece's rape and the rapist jumped bail and disappeared. Emma stopped everything and for the better part of the last year she has been working out, training, and studying to be a bounty hunter. In her research she has read up on Luke Brodie, she admires him for the bounty hunter he is and for being able to get anyone he goes after. But when she finally meets him she is hit unexpectedly with attraction. Despite all the warning from everyone to not get sexually involved with Luke, and even though Luke knows better and that she deserves better than him they give in to the attraction. They tell each other that it's will just be until the job is over then they will go their separate ways but of course it never works out that easily. When Luke finds out that Emma has plans to kill the guy he is willing to do anything to protect her from having to do that.

Overall, it was a really good suspense. Kat Martin is great with the action and fight sequences. Luke and Emma fit like puzzle pieces they just fit perfectly together.    

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

ARC REVIEW Wicked Cowboy Charm by Carolyn Brown

Book Four in Carolyn Brown's Lucky Penny Ranch series. I knew as soon as Jud Dawson said he had a sister, Josie, that she would end up with the only single one left in the group, Deke Sullivan. This was a nice book a sweet romance that gives us a break from Dry Creek Texas and takes us on a vacation to Montana. Well not really a vacation Deke and Josie both, separately, went to look at stock for their ranches. They ended up at the same ranch right before a snowstorm and they get stranded at the old rancher's house.

I love that both Deke and Josie took the time to get to know each other. First just as friends and then business partners before admitting that their attraction to each other wasn't just a passing thing. The story is a little slow going but it's really about Deke and Josie falling in love and finding their place. There is a little bit of angst and miscommunication but not nearly as much as the previous books. The old rancher, Everett, really makes the story he's the one that really bring them together.

Overall, it was a nice easy conclusion to the Lucky Penny Ranch series and the Dawson family is quite large. Keep a look out for the next series Happy, Texas.    

ARC REVIEW Eternal Ecstasy by Setta Jay

*This is the finale of the Guardians and the Realms series and is not meant to be read as a standalone title* 

OMG OMG OMG!! Patiently waiting for Sirena's story paid off! Man talk about an intense conclusion. Everything has built up to this point, everything the Guardian's have been preparing for has lead up to this book. It is exciting, intense, hot as hell (I think my glasses just steamed up kind of hot!) and Hroarr turns out to be such a burnt marshmallow. Damn good writing I am so sad to see this series end.

Hroarr, one of the Gods in the other dimension, (think Jason Mamoa) has agreed that stopping the Darkness from destroying Earth would benefit them all, especially since he just found his mate, Sirena, the Guardian and healer, the beautiful siren raised by Aphrodite. Hroarr has a way to defeat the Darkness that is working it's way to Earth but he has demanded that if the Guardian's want his help he get Sirena in payment. Drake and Pothos are beyond furious, Gefn is dumbfounded by her brother's barbaric manner and Sirena and Hades are the only ones really thinking it through. Sirena feels the mating bond even though they have yet to touch. She knows she has to do this for more than just the barter but for herself also. Things are worse than they seem the Darkness is closer than they thought and now they are rushing to get everything done in time.

Overall, I think it was the best book of the series it was a great ending to the series.    

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ARC REVIEW Justice Ascending by Rebecca Zanetti

 Justice Ascending is probably my favorite of the series so far. Aside from me finding the name Tace really annoying, I really did enjoy this one both characters have been established in the past two book, we know them well, or at least we think we do, Sami with her secrets and Tace with his mind slowly going psycho, or so he thinks, after being infected with the Scorpius Syndrome. Tace and Sami have been attracted to each other since before Tace got infected, it just taken Tace getting infected and slowly becoming more dominant rather than the laid back cowboy for him to act on his attraction. Sami is just all around badass, she' one of the elite soldiers of Vanguard and one of Jax's top lieutenants, (Thankfully Jax wasn't much of an a-hole in this book). But Sami's secret to one she is ready to take to the grave, until...

Since getting Raze's sister back from the Mercenaries they have had an uneasy truce.  Greyson, the leader of the Mercenaries, has greenhouses and he needs Maureen, Raze's sister, to help rebuild them. Greyson and Jax need to come to some common ground so they can work together. Meanwhile Tace and Sammi get sent up to Merc territory to help with the wounded and scope out what supplies they have. Jax is ready to raid the Merc territory when They get back but the secret Tace has been keeping has got the better of him and the only way to save him is if Sami reveals her deep dark secret. The only way to save him is if Jax and Greyson join forces against the President. They do hesitantly agree however that they need some kind of understanding they both want to find the legendary Bunker.

Overall, the book was very exciting and emotional and hot! OMG Tace and Sami together are wow. Tace knows, he is aware, that Sami can take care of herself but he has this protective streak that's telling him she shouldn't have to, that it is his job to protect her. I am guessing it has something to do with the Scorpius Syndrome that makes the men who have been affected by it more possessive. I mean look at what it did to the stupid President and his obsession over both Lynne and Vinnie. I do recommend that this series be read in order, it can be a stand-alone but to really understand it they need to be read in order.        

Thursday, February 2, 2017

ARC REVIEW Seven Minutes in Heaven by Eloisa James

Seven Minutes in Heaven is book three in the Desperate Duchesses by the Numbers and book 9 in original series Desperate Duchesses. Don't let that deter you from reading it it is just fine read as a standalone. The characters in this book are the children of the original cast of characters in the earlier series.  

I always get a feeling after reading an Eloisa James book; it's a feeling of immense satisfaction. I always just have to sit back and let the book soak in, let the words just permeate inside my mind. This book is no exception to the brilliant writing of Eloisa James, definitely one of my favorites.

Eugenia Snowe is a woman who knows her mind and despite it all she married for love and prefered to be referred to as her husband's wife, Mrs. Snowe, rather than her title, Lady Eugenia. Eugenia didn't want to be a useless Lady who wasted her time and widowhood doing nothing. She saw a need and so she started the best governess agency in all of England. Eugenia has remained devoted to her husband even now years after his death, until a stubborn and obstinate man walks into her office and demands that she handle this siblings herself. Edward Reeve is a bastard, he was raised by his father and treated like a true son by his step mother. Ward however needs to marry above his station, not for his own purposes but for that of his siblings. His mother died and left her two young children alone, their father's wishes were that Ward take over guardianship of his brother and sister if anything happened to their mother. But Ward's grandmother doesn't think he's good enough to raise the children and thinks he's a bad influence. Ward is determined to keep his siblings so he needs a governess with a strong enough resolve so that the unique nature of the children's personality won't be to shocking. None of the governesses that Eugenia has sent have had the fortitude to handle the kids and Ward is determined to have Eugenia do it herself.

Here is where is gets interesting, Ward has no idea that Eugenia is a lady, he assumes that she was a vicor's daughter who became a governess and later became the proprietress of Snowe's Governesses. Ward has an instant fascination with Eugenia, and very inappropriately flirts with her and wants her, one more reason he wants her at his house instead of a governess. Can I say I love it when the two main characters exchange letters in books, especially when they are as humorous as the ones these two share. The two kids are so funny, they almost steal the spotlight away from Ward and Eugenia. Ward finally succeeds in seducing Eugenia and their feelings start to go deeper than just a brief affair. But when matters with Wards grandmother get worse it becomes obvious to Eugenia that Ward has no idea who or what she really is and leaves heart broken. Now Ward not only has to win the case against him Grandmother but win over Eugenia and convinced her he loves her for exactly who she is at the same time.

Overall, it really is a wonderful Historical Romance with all the right amounts of humor, angst, and romance.          

ARC REVIEW Kill Without Shame by Alexandra Ivy

Ooooo Book two in Alexandra Ivy's new ARES Security series. Really good suspense and a wonderful romance, I'm a sucker for second chance romance. Mia was just the gardener's daughter but to Lucas she was so much more. She's the one who got away and Lucas never stopped loving her or looking out for her. Lucas never thought he was worthy enough for her and knew she would never forgive him after the way he left and he thought she had every right to hate him. Mia tried to forget Lucas, she made herself believe she was over him, but as much as she wanted to rush back into his arms when he showed up out of the blue her heart still hurt so much from when he left. She doesn't want to open herself up for that kind pain again.

The men of ARES Security are still trying to find out who is sending threats and stalking Hauk but then Lucas gets waylaid by the murder of an old school friend, Tony, who came all the way to Houston from Shreveport to see Lucas. In the dead man's front pocket was a picture of Mia, Lucas' high school girlfriend, on the back of the picture were the words "Kill her or else". Local PD be damned Lucas rushes off to Shreveport to protect Mia whether she likes it or not and get to the bottom of why someone would want her dead. Mia and Tony were best friends, she always had his back and until recently he worked part time for her landscaping company but after getting busted for drugs she had to let him go. Mia took over her father's landscaping business and turned it into a thriving and successful business; Mia was well on her way of achieving her dreams.

Tony's death sends everything into a spiral, Lucas comes back to a place he said he would never return to but Mia's life is in danger and he will stop at nothing to protect her and find out what is really going on. Mia swears she's over Lucas and tries to keep him at a distance but at every step he's there and this time he's not leaving when it's all over. The truth about the past and why he left finally comes out and Mia is astounded. Lucas stirs up a hornet's nest and with the help of ARES Security they find out the truth about the many secrets Tony was keeping. Lucas and Mia fall deeper in love with the people they have grown up to be.

Overall, the conclusion is outstanding and it was a great story. I really liked Lucas. I look forward to Teagan and Hauk's story.