Thursday, June 8, 2017

ARC REVIEW Talen by Rebecca Zanetti

Talen is a novella that first appeared in the back of  Wicked Burn. It is an expansion of the Dark Protectors series (7.9!!!) to help tie in the Realm Enforcers and the Dark Protectors series. Now confession time.... Talen isn't my favorite, I know I will gladly drool over the Jason Mamoa look of him but he is really just way to overprotective and spankings are not a punishment (my opinion, especially when the recipient enjoys them, it's like positive reinforcement for bad behaviour and never use sex to manipulate). I love Cara, she is strong and such a great character and believes that with their advanced technologies they should help the mortal world along a little; now with the war over she wants to teach. Talen is his regular overbearing self and doesn't want Cara exposed to any danger.

Before they head off for their well deserved vacation Talen and Cara need to make a quick drop off at the lab so they can have more intensive work done on the virus that negated the mating bond. On the way they are attacked by a mercenary group of demons, after they get rid of one group the shifter help them continue on the rest of the journey, accompanied now by Garrett and Logan. As it is prone to happen in these stories it doesn't go easy for them and Talen and Cara end up in a big fight.

Overall, the story was good, I just didn't care for the interplay between Cara and Talen. And P.S. I want more Terrent and Maggie!  

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