Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ARC REVIEW Hope Restored by Carrie Ann Ryan

Hope Restored is the final book in the Gallagher Brothers series, a spinoff of the massive Montgomery Ink series universe. This isn't the first time Carrie Ann Ryan has written about a cancer survivor, it's a very emotional topic and this book a real tear jerker. The friends to lovers romance that happens between Tessa and Murphy was exceptional.

Murphy has already beat cancer twice, once as a child and again later as a teenager. Murphy was enjoying his life and enjoying his carefree flirting with his brother's neighbor, Tessa. But one family gathering and his life feels like it spinning out of control again, he has cancer again. To make matter worse the people he's renting his place from are coming back and he needs to move out. Murphy needing someone to talk to ends up at Tessa's house and turns out it's a good thing Tessa has an extra room and he needs someone to watch out for him when he's going through his treatments and Tessa is the perfect choice. She's a friend, she's next door to his brother so he's close enough to family but not close enough that they can be overbearing.

Tessa never thought she deserved anything she got, she was abandoned as a child and her foster parents who later adopted her loved her beyond anything. Tessa growing up put them through hell trying to push them away, but they never let her. Grown up Tessa has distanced herself from them feeling guilty but talking with and falling in love with Murphy through his ordeal and experiencing the love and comradery of the Gallagher family she realizes what she's doing and start to make it up to her parents. Murphy and Tessa had a carefree flirtation going on but as soon as they are in close proximity to each other for a couple of days the sexual attraction becomes more than they can stand and give into it. But Murphy's cancer isn't the only thing that's getting in the way of their happily ever after, someone from Tessa's past has shown up and threatening their HEA.

Overall, this was an emotional but happy ending to this series and I can't wait for more from the Montgomery Ink Universe.

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