Thursday, March 12, 2015

ARC REVIEW Haunting Suspicions by Kate Richards

Haunting Suspicions is another book from Fated Desire's Paranormal by Mistake line it is also book one in the new series Goldland by Kate Richards. I enjoyed the book it went where I wasn't expecting but... it ended too quickly for me. It was a rather abrupt ending and I wish there was more to it. I liked it enough that I would more than likely read the others in the series; the characters were well thought out and really likable.

Alden is the host for a paranormal debunker reality T.V. Show, Not On My Watch. His next job is the sudden appearance of the Indigo Princess ghost that haunts the tiny town of Goldland. Alden started his search but instead of finding a ghost he found Orlena. Orlena a cat shifter and the towns teacher, knows the secret behind the Indigo Princess, hesitant at first to start the hoax but the life of the town and the pack depends on it. Orlena's ancestors were the inspiration behind the ghost, and it has kept the town thriving. Alden and Orlena fall into insta-lust and all common sense went out the window. Orlena should have known better than to have unprotected sex on the full moon, now she needs to keep a close eye on Alden. She doesn't realize who Alden is until the next day when the rest of the crew shows up. Orlena is confused and stuck between a rock and a hard place knowing who Alden is and what he does and the fact that she may have just turned him into a cat shifter.


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